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If/When Jan 10, 2022

Healthcare Data Management: The Patient is In

Show Contributors: Dr. Jennifer Blum, David Morgareidge, Paul Thies


With the intersection of advanced data technologies and the evolution of healthcare, both providers and patients look to benefit, but security, privacy and data hygiene still loom as potential areas of concern. In this episode of If/When, we discuss data science advances in the context of healthcare with two data science experts from Jacobs - Dr. Jennifer Blum and David Morgareidge.

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Dr. Jennifer Blum

Dr. Jennifer Blum, an astrophysicist, is Senior Director Data Scientist for Jacobs CMS Cyber & Intelligence Business Unit. She is the second African American woman to ever graduate with a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Michigan. Her doctorate focused on using X-ray satellites to determine how fast black holes and neutron stars spin. Her current expertise is in cyber security algorithm development and advanced statistical data science methodologies.

Dr. Blum’s work supports multiple government and commercial efforts. She designed and developed application programming interfaces (APIs) for LMI clients and the Defense Intelligence Agency (CIO) mission. Additionally, she was a senior IT strategist and helped DIA develop critical cyber infrastructure. Prior to that assignment, Dr. Blum worked at a federal agency as a data scientist where she created machine learning algorithms for cyber security missions and wrote reports for senior leadership. Currently, she is involved in advanced cyber security technologies and business solutions for Jacobs. In her spare time, Dr. Blum enjoys voice acting and has performed in radio commercials.

David Morgareidge

David Morgareidge has over 40 years’ experience in analyzing and optimizing the operational and financial performance of the built environment through the use of virtual integrated digital design tools, including Digital Twins. His project approach first defines the boundaries of the solution space, then exhausts that space, using discrete event or agent based simulation tools linked to optimization engines, and finally rank orders hundreds of solutions based on the client’s Key Performance Indicators that define success for each unique project. David has led the technical groups that use these tools and has helped shape the complete digital strategy of an A/E firm as its Chief Information Officer. The ROIs on his process modeling and simulation projects have ranged from 10:1 to 20:1, with first cost reductions of up to $8M and annual staff cost reductions of $763K.

At Jacobs, David is the Director of Predictive Analytics, overseeing and directing the application of advanced operational modeling and simulation tools and advanced data analytics to provide highly optimized, objective, fact-based design solutions across multiple sectors and services.