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If/When Jun 15, 2021

Small and Advanced Modular Reactors: A Clean Energy Solution

Show Contributors: Rich Deakin, Andrew Bailey, Paul Thies


On this episode of If/When we explore the topic of small and advanced modular reactors and the role they play in the promotion of clean energy. Joining us are UK Research & Innovation’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Low Cost Nuclear Challenge Director Rich Deakin, and Andrew Bailey, sales and strategy lead for Jacobs Critical Mission Solutions International Technology and Innovation business. 

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Episode notes

Rich Deakin was recently appointed as UKRI’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Low Cost Nuclear Challenge Director.  He has in excess of 35 years of experience of leading across international boundaries, complex stakeholder networks and delivery in industrial programs in organizations such as British Nuclear Fuels, Rolls Royce, NuScale and the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.  

Rich has significant experience of leading change and developing supply chain capability at a Nuclear Licensed Site in the role of General Manager and “agent of the licensee” for a U.K.-based site during a period of regeneration, change and growth. He routinely represents the nuclear sector at both U.K. and International events and is increasingly engaged in the support of bringing diversity to the sector and encouraging the development of those new to the sector. Rich joined UKRI from a role of Policy Adviser, Nuclear Directorate at BEIS where he was developing enabling policies for small nuclear.  

Andrew Bailey leads Sales and Strategy for the CMS-I Technology and Innovation business. He has led Jacobs strategic work in Small and Advanced Modular Nuclear Reactors since 2015. Prior to joining the Jacobs Nuclear business in 2011, Andrew held several Director positions over 15 years in the Process Industry and prior to that had a background in Management Consultancy.

Andrew has held P & L and Strategy responsibility within Jacobs and has direct experience of the Nuclear Fission and Fusion market. His current role requires taking a wider view of the clean energy landscape to determine how nuclear energy integrates with other relevant forms of clean energy.