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If/When Nov 24, 2020

Innovation as a Service: Incubating and Scaling Ideas

Show Contributors: Kate Willison, Matt Stewart, Paul Thies


In this episode of If/When, we discuss the concept of "Innovation as a Service" with Kate Willison, Global Innovation Lead at Jacobs and Matt Stewart, Senior Business Designer, Board of Innovation and Founder, Life Sprint.

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Episode notes

Kate Willison, Global Innovation Lead at Jacobs, seeks to promote a culture of innovation at all levels within the business. She helps connect the dots - between ideas, people, teams, clients, partners, technologies, challenges and opportunities - and enable innovation to flourish. In this role Kate helps shape strategy, deliver global innovation initiatives, lead innovation investment projects, engage in internal and external marketing and communications and act as an overall champion for innovation. An accomplished spatial and digital consultant with over 11 years of experience in the engineering, construction and professional services industry, Kate is an experienced project manager who has led both technical projects and global strategic initiatives. She has worked on a range of international projects in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe and have gained a wealth of experience in the oil & gas, mining, environmental, infrastructure, transport and renewables sectors. As a chartered GIS professional - CGeog(GIS), Kate is highly experienced in the application of GIS and remote sensing to support multidisciplinary projects.

Matt Stewart is a senior business designer at Board of Innovation. He’s led design and innovation projects in over 20 countries, and worked for some of the world’s biggest and most well known innovative companies, including IKEA, Levi’s, Unilever and of course, Jacobs. In his spare time he starts companies (, social projects and art festivals. He’s also fascinated by the topic of widespread loneliness and an advocate for swimmable urban rivers.