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If/When Oct 6, 2020

Data Privacy: Who's Watching You?

Show Contributors: Michelle Finneran Dennedy, Darrell Collett, Paul Thies


In this episode of If/When, we discussed data privacy with data privacy expert Michelle Dennedy, who has served as a chief privacy officer at Cisco, McAfee and Sun Microsystems, and Darrell Collett, Global Privacy Officer and Senior Counsel at Jacobs. In the episode that follows, we discussed the current pace of privacy regulation post-GDPR, what are some of the most pressing privacy concerns that business leaders need to be aware of today, and how the pandemic has impacted the data privacy landscape.

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Episode notes

Michelle Finneran Dennedy currently serves as Board member and advisor to data centric and privacy enhancing technology organizations. She was most recently Chief Executive Officer at Drumwave and remains active on the advisory board. Before working at Drumwave, Michelle was a VP and Chief Privacy Officer at Cisco. She was responsible for the development and implementation of the organization's data privacy policies and practices, working across business groups to drive data privacy excellence across the security continuum. Michelle has also served as Chief Privacy Officer for McAfee/Intel and Vice President for Security & Privacy Solutions for the Oracle Corporation. Before the Oracle acquisition of Sun, Michelle was Chief Data Governance Officer within the Cloud Computing division at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Michelle also served as Sun’s first Chief Privacy Officer.

Darrell Collett has over 20 years of legal experience, including 10 years in private practice as a commercial litigator and 13 years as in-house counsel with Jacobs. While at Jacobs, Darrell has provided operations counsel support for the water and O&M businesses, and worked as compliance counsel in the Ethics & Compliance department. Currently, Darrell provides general corporate legal services related to intellectual property, cybersecurity and data privacy in his role as Jacobs’ Global Privacy Officer.