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If/When May 19, 2020

Aviation, Transportation and COVID-19: How Do We Move Forward?

Show Contributors: Kevin Slack, Andrew Gibson, Paul Thies


What happens when a multi-trillion-dollar industry meets a global health crisis that grinds it to a halt? And when things start returning to "normal" – assuming that they do – what does that industry look like next? In this episode, we look at the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation and public transportation industries, featuring insights from Kevin Slack, former Global Vice President, Transportation, and Andrew Gibson, Global Solutions Director - Aviation.

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Episode notes

Kevin Slack brings more than three decades of transportation experience, ranging from project development and planning to design, design-build and program management. He began his career as a transportation engineer and gained extensive experience conducting highway safety research for the Federal Highway Administration and the National Cooperative Highway Safety Research Program, including serving as the Co-Principal Investigator for the development of Guidance for implementation of AASHTO’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

Andrew Gibson has 30 years of experience in the design, construction and planning of airport infrastructure both as a client and a consultant, undertaking projects in the UK, Europe, India, Latin America and Africa. During his 17-year career with BAA (the former UK British Airports Authority), Andrew served in a range of planning and engineering roles including aerodrome safeguarding, airfield maintenance and terminal engineering. He was involved in the design and planning of facilities at airports across the BAA group, including Heathrow Terminal 5.