News Jun 27, 2019

Imagination Inspired

Joint ceremony sees sixty of our graduates and apprentices in the U.K. celebrate success at Jacobs’ first Europe Graduate Development and Apprenticeships Graduation of 2019, as Jacobs' Donald Morrison is made an Honorary STEM Ambassador by STEM Learning.

View from balcony looking down at the graduate cohort holding certificates in the air

This week a group of our U.K. apprentices celebrated completing their apprenticeship training alongside graduates finishing Jacobs’ two-year Europe Graduate Development Program (GDP). The 60 apprentices and graduates will continue their career paths with Jacobs in a variety of disciplines from railway and civil engineers to transport planners, environmental scientists, and project controls and construction roles. With nearly 800 graduates, technicians and apprentices currently training in Europe, a planned further 250 new graduates and 50 apprentices are to join the business in Europe this summer and the GDP is also launching in Poland and Italy.

Originally involved in developing the GDP 25 years ago, Jacobs Buildings and Infrastructure Europe Senior Vice President and General Manager, Donald Morrison, said: “I am incredibly proud of our graduates and apprentices for all that they have achieved so far and I look forward to seeing them continue that journey – inspired to be their very best and curious to reinvent what the future looks like.”

Donald Morrison receiving honorary STEM ambassador award from Baroness Brown and Dallas Campbell

Donald was also awarded Honorary STEM ;Ambassador by STEM Learning during the joint ceremony at the National STEM Centre. Presented with the gold Honorary STEM Ambassador badge by Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Chair of STEM Learning, Donald shared: “I am honored to receive this award and proud to continue to promote the fantastic work of the STEM Ambassadors across Europe. Our own STEM Ambassadors network includes many of Jacobs’ graduates and apprentices – all passionate about helping young people engage in engineering and the variety of disciplines in our industry."

Image: Chair of STEM Learning, Baroness Brown presents Honorary STEM Ambassador award to Jacobs' Donald Morrison

Chair of STEM Learning, Baroness Brown said: “We are delighted to welcome Donald Morrison as our latest honorary STEM Ambassador. The STEM Ambassadors are a national treasure, bringing their expertise and passion for STEM to young people across the U.K. Complementing our program of teacher CPD throughout the U.K., STEM Ambassadors inspire teachers as well as young people to take their STEM education further.”

A Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Donald Morrison has been with Jacobs for more than 26 years, himself first joining as a graduate in the highways sector. During his career with Jacobs, he’s worked in sales and operations in areas such as transportation and sustainable solutions. He now leads Jacobs’ delivery of critical buildings, renewal, transport, water and environmental projects across Europe, focused on outcomes which redefine what’s possible as we help our cities and communities create a fairer, more resilient and happier future.

Honorary STEM Ambassadors champion the work of the 30,000 STEM Ambassadors across the U.K., who inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Honorary STEM Ambassadors, including Tim Peake and Dr Emily Grossman stand as champions for the importance of STEM education, promoting the ideal of a world-leading STEM education for all young people and acting as aspirational role models, demonstrating how far STEM can take you. In the U.K., Jacobs supports more than 800 employees as STEM Ambassadors, encouraging them to give their time and expertise to help young people.

Dallas Campbell, broadcaster and presenter of TV Shows such as The Gadget Show, Bang Goes the Theory and the Sky at Night, joined the graduation ceremony to share his lifelong passion for understanding how the world works and for exploring our relationship with science, technology and engineering – past, present and future.

Jacobs’ U.K. Graduate Development Program establishes graduates as knowledgeable and competent in key functions and disciplines, and actively supports them on their path to achieving registration with a professional institution. Our Apprenticeships provide practical, ‘on-the-job’ development, with structured, blended learning through a mixture of formal classroom, workshop, office and site placements. Check out our U.K. Graduate and Apprenticeship Brochure for more information or visit Jacobs Careers to register for upcoming early years opportunities globally.

“There is tremendous opportunity for all sorts of diverse roles, from geologists, engineers, architects and economists to technologists and animators. My advice to our future talent: don’t wait for inspiration to strike, go ahead and spark it,” concludes Donald.

Today’s challenges of urbanization, resource scarcity, climate change, digital proliferation and security demand innovative approaches to connect more people and places with the means to live better and work smarter. Curious? Jacobs is hiring! Click here to view available career opportunities and join us in delivering the promise of a more connected, sustainable world.