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News Apr 18, 2024

Delivery Partners Deliver Successful Program Management through Collaboration: A Conversation with Chrissy Thom

A delivery partner plays a pivotal role in successfully delivering large, complex programs. In this article, SVP Chrissy Thom is joined by Jacobs program delivery leaders to discuss the importance of delivery partners and how Jacobs facilitates the collaboration. Read their insights within.
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News Apr 16, 2024

Pre-Empting Rising Power Demand at Airports: US Lessons for European Frameworks

With the rise in air travel and the increasing drive for electrification within decarbonization strategies, pressure is ramping up on power grids. Jacobs Regional Aviation Leader Cheryl McNall shares three lessons for European airports from a U.S. research report.
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News Apr 15, 2024

The Balancing Act: Embracing Innovation and Risk in Major Infrastructure Planning

According to the National Infrastructure Commission, the U.K. has ambitious growth plans for the next 10 years. To successfully meet the challenging infrastructure needs of future generations, we must rely on securing Development Consent Orders (DCOs) correctly now to streamline and accelerate the consenting and decision process. Suki Coe, senior associate director at Jacobs, shares her seven insights into creating successful DCOs.
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News Apr 04, 2024

ESG Materiality – What Really Matters?

Effectively managing Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in any organization centers on “materiality”. In this article we explore the term, how standards and disclosures relating to materiality are changing, and what the changes means for how you approach and manage impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities in your organization.
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News Feb 02, 2024

Designing Wellness: 5 Lessons for Building the Hospital of the Future

Building the hospitals of the future requires technology, talent and evidence-based design. Dochitect Dr. Diana Anderson shares her five-point blueprint for building hospitals that improve healing and well-being.
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News Jan 22, 2024

As Demand for Power Grows, Airports are At Risk: A New Report Shows What We Need to Do Next

Airports are significant economic drivers where mobility and commerce meet. As electrification and decarbonization accelerate while air travel continues to grow, airports will need five times more power than currently available to meet demand and avoid disruption, according to a new study co-created by Jacobs and summarized by Global Vice President Energy Transition Graeme Cooper and Vice President Aviation Americas, Steve Pelham.
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News Dec 12, 2023

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: OT Cyber Risk after Aliquippa

Jacobs Vice President, OT Cybersecurity John Karabias and Jacobs Global Technology Principal – OT Cybersecurity Adi Karisik discuss the pressing issue of cybersecurity in water utilities and critical infrastructure, focusing on recent threats and the need for a proactive approach in quantifying and addressing OT risks. This is this first article in  a multi-part series on securing critical infrastructure by these authors.
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News Dec 07, 2023

Supporting Water Systems with the Lead and Copper Rule Improvements

Read how we’re supporting clients in the U.S. as they prepare for the EPA’s new proposed regulations to eliminate lead in drinking water and protect public health in our communities.
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News Nov 28, 2023

Going Global: A Civil Engineer’s Determined Quest to Make a Difference

For this feature, Jacobs’ Middle East Social Value Lead Mala Alahmadi gives insight into her role at Jacobs and shares her experience growing up in the KSA and returning to the country as an adult after studying abroad.
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News Nov 15, 2023

What Have We Done and Where Are We Going? Patrick King Talks Transportation Funding in ENR

Jacobs Vice President - Global Market Director, Transportation, Patrick King contributed to Engineering News Record’s article “A Generational Investment - Landmark Federal Funding Energizes the Transportation Industry,” as part of their recent Year in Transportation & Infrastructure feature. Patrick shares thoughts on the great work we’re doing to secure transportation grants through Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and where he sees the transportation industry heading in 2024. Read the full piece inside.
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"One act of kindness can make a difference in a person’s day and contribute to how others feel overall about #OurJacobs. Plus, it’s contagious." Shelie Gustafson, Chief People and Inclusion Officer
News Nov 13, 2023

Celebrating World Kindness Week at Jacobs

Executive Vice President, Chief People & Inclusion Officer Shelie Gustafson shares reflections Jacobs' culture for World Kindness Week.
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News Oct 31, 2023

Ghost Spaces, Magnetic Places and Affordable Homes: 3 Catalysts for Sustainable, Inclusive Cities

The cities and megacities of tomorrow can drive sustainability and equity through economies of scale, nature-based solutions and circular frameworks, but they require the right investments and strategic vision today. Jacobs Vice President and Global Market Director of Cities & Places, Stephen Zoegall, shares three key investment catalysts for social, economic and environmental rewards.
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