OneWater Reflections - Scott Greico
News Apr 24, 2024

New CERCLA Rulings for PFAS Chemicals: Understanding Impacts to Utilities

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced finalization of a rule designating two of the most-studied PFAS chemicals, PFOA and PFOS, as hazardous substances under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act (CERCLA). Jacobs Global Principal for PFAS & Emerging Contaminants Scott Grieco provides a few clarifications related to municipal utilities on the CERCLA ruling in this article.
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OneWater Reflections Emma Shen
News Mar 28, 2024

Demystifying Wastewater Decarbonization

Jacobs Global Principal for Wastewater Energy Optimization and Decarbonization Emma Shen discusses the importance of transparent net-zero goals in the water sector that account for challenges like wastewater treatment process emissions and long-term decarbonization opportunities.
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OneWater Reflections - Melanie Holmer Larry Schimmoller
News Mar 04, 2024

Direct Potable Reuse Closes the Loop on the OneWater Cycle

Our water reuse leads Melanie Holmer and Larry Schimmoller explain how recent regulations in the U.S. are accelerating interest in direct potable reuse.
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OneWater Reflections - Jim Lozier
News Feb 22, 2024

Innovations in Membrane Treatment

Jim Lozier looks ahead to the 2024 Membrane Technology Conference in Florida where Jacobs is presenting on the latest developments in membrane treatment, from high-recovery desalination to PFAS removal.
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OneWater Reflections - Roozbeh H-Nafari
News Nov 07, 2023

Toward Comprehensive Flood Risk Management in Australia

Ahead of the Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium 2023 in Australia, Roozbeh H-Nafari reflects on how non-structural flood risk mitigation measures can support climate response.
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OneWater Reflections - Joseph Danyluk OneWater Director
News Nov 01, 2023

Nature’s Role in CSO Control

Joseph Danyluk discusses a workshop he's leading at Amsterdam International Water Week on the use of nature-based solutions to control combined sewer overflows.
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OneWater Reflections Tugba Akgun
News Oct 24, 2023

Collaborating on Lead and Copper Rule Compliance and Funding Strategies in Florida

Tugba Akgun reflects on a recent workshop with the Southeast Florida Utility Council that addressed the U.S. Lead and Copper Rule and funding opportunities through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
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OneWater Reflections - Susan Moisio Global Vice President and Global Water Director
News Oct 19, 2023

Imagine A Day Without Water

In recognition of Imagine a Day Without Water, Jacobs Global Water Director Susan Moisio recognizes #OurJacobs team for their work supporting communities like Jackson, Mississippi with critical water infrastructure and services.
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OneWater Reflections - Luce Bassetti
News Oct 03, 2023

An Integrated, OneWater Approach to Coastal Resilience

Americas Coastal Resilience Director Luce Bassetti explains why effective coastal resilience requires a holistic, integrated approach that recognizes the interconnected nature of challenges on the water’s edge.
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OneWater Reflections - Amanda Lake
News Sep 19, 2023

Taking Action on Wastewater Treatment Process Emissions

Ahead of WEFTEC 2023, Amanda Lake explains how we can take intentional action to measure and mitigate the nitrous oxide and methane emissions from water resource recovery facilities.
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OneWater Reflections Mike Matichich
News Sep 07, 2023

Supporting Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Utilities with Historic Federal Funding

Michael Matichich discusses an upcoming workshop for water utilities in the U.S. looking to access federal funding programs infused by Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act (IIJA).
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OneWater Reflections - Joseph Danyluk OneWater Director
News Aug 01, 2023

Lead, PFAS, Wet Weather Management: Looking Ahead to One Water Ohio

Joseph Danyluk explains why an upcoming conference in Ohio is a great example of OneWater in action and previews Jacobs’ presentations on lead, PFAS and data solutions for wet weather management.
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