Q&A Mar 12, 2024

Diversifying Your Career with Jacobs: A Q&A with Djoulde Bah

Q&A with Djoulde Bah Jacobs Senior Electrical Engineer

Jacobs’ Senior Electrical Engineer, Djoulde Bah, talks to us about how attending our New-to-Nuclear Academy kick-started his new career in the nuclear sector.

Jacobs welcomes people with experience from different sectors, providing the support and upskilling required to enable them to be successful in their new role. 

Hi, Djoulde. What encouraged you to apply for a role at Jacobs?

Before joining Jacobs, my background was in rail building services and electrification. I met a couple of engineers who had worked for Jacobs for many years, and they were saying some really positive things about the organization. Specifically, they talked about the training and mentorship they received which helped them develop the skills to do their roles and contributed hugely to their career development so when I saw a vacancy with Jacobs to join the nuclear team, I made sure to apply.  

What support have you received since joining Jacobs?

When I joined in 2022, I was enrolled on to Jacobs' New-to-Nuclear Academy which lasted for three months. It was intense but helped me with transitioning from rail to nuclear and made me aware of safety and standards in the nuclear industry. My line manager has been extremely supportive; the level of training that I received and continue to access is incredible and the mentorship is also great. 


“I have to say, there are few organizations like Jacobs out there - the company has surpassed all of my expectations.”

Djoulde Bah

Djoulde Bah

Jacobs Senior Electrical Engineer

Where has your career at Jacobs taken you so far?

Jacobs is a very flexible organization and if you want to work in a different country, you can do so with the support of your line manager. In my case, after working for Jacobs in the U.K. for a year, I was offered a position to relocate to Boston, Massachusetts, in the U.S., where I’m currently residing and working. It’s been an amazing experience so far. 

What could your career move be?

I’m a Chartered Engineer in the U.K. and right now I’m working towards getting my Professional Engineering License in the U.S. This will take approximately four years and will help me progress to my next role which is a principal electrical engineer or associate director. My focus for now is to develop the skills required for my current and future role.

What do you enjoy most about being part of #OurJacobs? 

I really believe in the value of organizations, like ours, that are willing to invest in training and help employees to develop their career by taking on new opportunities. 

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