News Aug 1, 2019

A Visionary in Education: Jacobs Powerful APPA Partnership

Jacobs has earned the 2019 APPA Visionary Award, a testament to our 15-year involvement with the organization.

Nina Wollman accepting award

Jacobs has earned the 2019 Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA) Visionary Award, a testament to our long-term involvement with the organization.

Considered the gathering place for educational facilities professionals, dedicated to the ongoing evolution of the profession, APPA and Jacobs have held a strong relationship for over 15 years. Jacobs, through Jacobs Global Strategic Consulting Solutions Director Nina Wollman, who holds a seat on the international APPA Board of Directors. She holds the International At-Large Board Member appointment that started in 2017 and is one of many employees that has taken an influential role with APPA.

APPA is the gathering place for educational facilities professionals, dedicated to the ongoing evolution of the profession. Every year APPA honors their strongest business partners through a series of tiered awards, and for the fifth year in a row, Jacobs has earned the highest tier, The APPA Visionary Award. 

This is due in part to Jacobs’ comprehensive approach to maintaining and evolving our relationships with higher education clients globally, solidifying ourselves as leaders in facility planning, design, construction management, operations and strategic consulting.

The APPA Visionary Award

One of APPA’ s key initiatives is the Thought Leaders Series (TLS), developed to promote dedicated discussions on the future of higher education and the impact of that future on educational facilities. Every year the Thought Leaders Symposium brings representatives from universities across the United States and Canada to discuss the major issues impacting education and to better inform administrators and educational facilities professionals on alternative ways to approach these problems and concerns. Jacobs works with APPA to identify the issues discussed each year.

“Our sponsorship and involvement set the tone of the entire higher educational facility management industry”, said Nina Wollman. Over the past five years, Jacobs has had a keynote speaker at three of the national conferences. Our participation also helps position Jacobs as a thought leader in the Higher Education market space and has been identified by several clients (Stanford Healthcare, University of Pennsylvania, Arizona State University, MD Anderson and University of Texas-San Antonio, University of Kentucky and University of California San Francisco) as an important differentiator between Jacobs and other organizations – several of which have transitioned to $1 million plus clients.

We are proud to win this prestigious Visionary Award and to maintain strong ties to such a powerful organization in education.

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