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Supporting London's Sustainable Future: EARTH with John Holden

Jacobs Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou talks to EARTH about Jacobs’ strategic focus for supporting cities globally, as the show heads to London to take a closer look at how the city is preparing for future growth.

With growing demands being placed on cities around the world, they need to be agile in the face of change, to adapt to the needs of their citizens, and be more resilient and economically competitive.

London is one of a growing movement of cities we’re working with that are progressively introducing strategies to transform their streets, improve mobility and create opportunities for a better quality of life for all.  There’s a need for innovators and problem solvers to prepare for the future and a master sustainability plan is now underway to make London the world’s most connected and sustainable city.

“The focus in London is indicative of other major cities we’re engaged in globally, from Singapore, Sydney and Dubai to Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles,” said Jacobs Chair and CEO, Steve Demetriou. “We’re helping them to tackle some of their most complex issues around increasing population and competing resource demands, environmental improvements, aging infrastructure and integrating social value.”

We’re helping cities, like London, to devise strategies that are better for the environment, better for people, and better for the local economy – sharing the benefits more equally across society.”

EARTH gives viewers an inside look at how Jacobs is helping cities like London tackle infrastructure and sustainability challenges that come with a rapidly growing population.

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