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Skills of the Future

We’re proud to announce our partnership with The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS). LIS is building a new university which prepares students to tackle some of the most urgent and complex problems faced by the world of today and tomorrow.

Taking bold, transformative steps is vital as we collectively work towards a more sustainable future. As a business, we recognize that we have an important role to play here. We’re working hard to make a positive impact for future generations, a part of which is ensuring that young people are well-equipped with the knowledge and skill-sets they will need to tackle society’s issues. Our new partner, The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS), aims to do just this.

Speaking on the opportunity to partner with the London Interdisciplinary School, Jacobs Buildings and Infrastructure Europe, Middle East and Africa Senior Vice President and General Manager, Donald Morrison said, “In the U.K., we’re helping clients tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges to safeguard the environment and make the future better in the places and communities we’re connected with.

“We’re  delighted to be partnering with the London Interdisciplinary School to help develop the innovators of the future – problem solvers who challenge the accepted and think beyond one-dimensional solutions to find better ways for tomorrow.”

The LIS program is modern, challenging and deeply interdisciplinary. Students will start with a real-world problem, like childhood obesity or knife crime, then learn the disciplines and methods they need to tackle it. Finally, students will learn amplification techniques so they can communicate their proposals to the wider world and make their impact.

LIS places a strong emphasis on research methods. By studying a range of qualitative tools (e.g. videography and ethnography), as well as key quantitative methods (e.g. machine learning and data science), students will be well-positioned to conduct research in their own areas of interest and the areas of interest to employers.

LIS has designed its program so that it’s integrated with the real-world, right from the start. Leading organizations – including Jacobs – from the business, non-profit and government sectors have partnered with LIS to provide students with the opportunity to undertake real-world, paid work placements each year. This is a chance for employers to make a difference by empowering students and encouraging change.

Work placements (i.e. internships) help young people build relevant competencies and skillsets. This will stand them in good stead as graduates, who usually spend years adapting to roles and gaining valuable experience.

This is all part of our view that, as a business, we have an enormous opportunity to influence positive change and drive progress. Working collaboratively with institutions like LIS, we can deliver excellent projects and solutions that benefit society and generate a positive London legacy.

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