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SEA North Satellite Modernization Concourse C Renovation Offers A Better Way to Fly

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s (SEA) renovated Concourse C Station offers travelers a more spacious and enjoyable experience traveling to and from the airport’s North Satellite.

Photos courtesy of Seattle–Tacoma International Airport.

With passenger growth ten times higher now than when the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) North Satellite opened in the 1970s, and without any major updates or renovations in those 48 years, the facility was in need of an upgrade. Read about this $658 million expansion and renovation project and how Jacobs provided project management services to deliver upgrades to one of the airport’s original underground train stations.

Given significant growth, the need to modernize passenger circulation with wider and energy efficient escalators and elevators was in great demand. The $16 million Concourse C Satellite Transit System Access Upgrade project is benefiting passengers with easily navigable routes from the underground train to concourse level gates while saving energy costs for the airport. Additionally, the renovated concourse-level station entry features a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure by local artist Cable Griffith, giving passengers a sense of the local Pacific Northwest environment.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Tacoma International Airport

“This is an important project for us because it has refreshed the station and passenger throughput for our customers,” said Port of Seattle Capital Program Leader Ken Warren. “It has been a team effort to bring all of the project elements together while always keeping focus on providing the best experience for the traveling public.”

Jacobs has supported the Port of Seattle since 2012 by providing program and project management services in the implementation of the North Sea-Tac Airport Renovation Program (NorthSTAR). Under the leadership of Jacobs People & Places Solutions Americas Aviation Program Manager Jeffrey Piette, we’ve helped expand one of the nation’s fastest growing airports through projects associated with NorthSTAR such as the North Satellite Modernization Project, the new Alaska Airlines’ flagship lounge, the North Satellite Baggage Refurbishment, the Concourse C Vertical Circulation Project and other NorthSTAR enabling projects.

According to Jacobs People & Places Solutions Americas Aviation Project Manager Joseph Cannon, “The transit system access upgrade project successfully minimized the impact to passengers during the station closure with careful planning and successful communication with stakeholders and passengers.” Communications efforts included multiple Checking In Facebook videosincluding this one filmed during construction featuring Joseph.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Tacoma International Airport

Other airports where Jacobs is working to help transform their facilities include Heathrow Airport London, England,Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, LaGuardia Airport, New York, New York and Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California.

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