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News Nov 27, 2023

RealScene Immersive First Responder Training Tool Named ITSPA Project of the Year

Jacobs, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Eastern Transportation Coalition, developed RealScene; a fully immersive, interactive training application to aid emergency personnel during incident response

Emergency personnel fatalities from struck-by incidents are increasing at an alarming rate, making emergency response to traffic incidents a top danger for law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS and towing operators.

That’s where we come in.

Jacobs, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Eastern Transportation Coalition, developed RealScene; a fully immersive interactive training application that can be used to improve communications, safety and overall performance of emergency personnel during incident response.

Scenario training for first responders is an important tool to help reduce injuries and fatalities. Historically, trainings have been conducted using tabletop exercises that use toy vehicles to construct hypothetical incidents, inhibiting the trainee’s ability to represent and communicate potential changes to the environment, scene and engagement of team members.

RealScene is an extended reality (XR) application that changes the narrative, allowing emergency responders to practice their strategies in a safe, virtual environment so that they can enhance their communications and response tactics, making the roadway safer during a real time emergency. This innovative application not only increases safety of first responders but also has potential to save lives and reduce congestion.

Don’t just take our word for it though! The Intelligent Transportation Society of Pennsylvania (ITSPA) recently named RealScene as its Project of the Year – an honor that recognizes one project each year that significantly improves the safety and reliability of Pennsylvania’s roadway network.

RealScene focuses on improving roadway safety and reliability through benefits such as creating engaging and realistic scenarios where trainees can practice response in highway, urban and rural environments and adjust the time of day and weather conditions. It also allows for multi-discipline training in a collaborative way by presenting the viewpoint of multiple responders. It’s customizable, and the user can drag, drop, add and rotate assets to include different types of vehicles, pedestrians, other obstructions as well as adjust traffic conditions allowing the user to run several varying scenarios during one training.  

The digital transformation is moving faster than ever. At Jacobs, we have the tools, like RealScene, and technical expertise to deliver holistic, data-driven solutions for our clients and the communities they serve. Discover more about data solutions at Jacobs:

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