News May 26, 2022

#PullingOurWeight in Partnership with Dow

#PullingOurWeight in Partnership with Dow

During a humid afternoon in late May, a team of Jacobs employees spent the afternoon cleaning up a community impacted by a 500-year flood a year prior, bringing attention to the impact of waste in the environment.

This effort, in partnership with Dow and its #PullingOurWeight pledge, aims to spread awareness around responsible waste management and challenge engagement to address waste in the environment.

While wearing facial coverings and sweating in the heat, the team picked up items ranging from Christmas decorations, toys, and even a collection of baseball cards. “It was great to work alongside a client for a bigger purpose,” says Cathy Mapes, Senior Strategic Advisor. “Business happens all the time, but through community-minded events like this cleanup you begin to understand the true meaning of partnership.”

Cathy and the team helped clean up Sanford, Michigan, a town still recovering from a 500-year flood in May 2020 – in other words, a flood that has only a 1 in 500 chance of occurring in a given year. At that time, two dams upstream of the community failed, resulting in water from two large recreational lakes pouring into the area and forcing residents to evacuate. The initial response, lasting several months, was to assist displaced homeowners and repair damaged homes; however, this cleanup effort was one of the first to remove debris in public areas and help restart the community.

#PullingOurWeight in Partnership with Dow

Dow’s #PullingOurWeight cleanup campaign is part of the company’s overall commitment to advancing a circular economy and engaging for impact - key components of Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals.

Jacobs joined the #PullingOurWeight pledge on May 20, and will continue working alongside Dow to plan more of these impactful opportunities. Thanks to our team members who participated: Dave Blevins, Sharon Minchak, Ginny O’Hara, Cathy Mapes, Steve Zarlinski, Jess Raphael Ross, Mark Holland, Adam Goodrich, Kurt Mehigh, Scott Cesarz and Tom Loniewski.

  • 110


  • 7500 lbs

    Waste Collected

2022 update

Since our initial commitment to the #PullingOurWeight Pledge, we have participated in multiple cleanup events across the country. In 2022, 28 volunteers collected and disposed of 156 bags of litter from the coast near the Dow Ponce Puerto Rico Site. The cleanup was critical to the local community as the area has been battered by recent hurricanes, resulting in the wash-up of large amounts of waste along the shore. As well, we led another cleanup at the Quintana Jetty near Houston, Texas which netted 50-plus bags of waste removed by 30-plus volunteers. This cleanup was vital to improving community public spaces. Events held in West Virginia resulted in a similar cleanup and included educational speakers from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Across our events, more than 110 volunteers from Jacobs, Dow, Peerless and Right Way participated, collecting a total of more than 7500 pounds of waste!  In addition to the great results, it was also fantastic to spend time with our clients working together to save our planet.

Dow Cleanup Event