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News Jun 8, 2020

Pride in Jacobs: Meet Nico

This Pride Month we’re putting a spotlight on colleagues from our global LGBT+ network, Prism, and asking them to share their stories on camera.

Nico and their bird

This Pride Month we’re putting a spotlight on colleagues from our global LGBT+ network, Prism, and asking them to share their stories on camera. 

Meet Nicolo “Nico” Petersen (pronouns: they / them). Artist, cosplayer, anime fan and Deployment Specialist for Jacobs in Tampa, Florida.  

Nico works for the I2S division of our Critical Mission Solutions business, supporting colleagues working on the U.S. National Security program.  They are one of the first points of contact for Jacobs staff hired for OCONUS – the government term for “Outside the Contiguous United States” – and work to prepare employees for deployment by establishing relationships, obtaining security clearances and providing visas and equipment. Their team provide ongoing support to all OCONUS employees from the time they leave the U.S. until they return home safely.  

Outside work Nico is an artist specializing in pen and ink, watercolor, photography and sculpture. As an avid cosplayer and anime fan, they are co-owner of Lumicon, an anime convention in Tampa.  

Nico identifies as non-binary / genderqueer and uses they / them pronouns. As a proud member of our Prism network they lead their local chapter and continuously work to create a safe space for LGBT+ colleagues, educate colleagues and create an “army of allies”.  

Find out more about Nico’s journey in the video below. Please note that they were accompanied on this interview by their housemate, Carue – a pet cockatiel who chirped constantly throughout the video. 

Pride in Jacobs - Meet Nico

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