News Apr 14, 2020

Pets As Coworkers: Show Us Your New Office-Mates

What’s your coworker doing right now? Share your pet pictures!

Pets as Co-workers

Lions, tigers and bears - oh my!  Well, we're actually speaking more domestically, as in your furry friends at home who have unknowingly been spending this shelter at home time with you, which means they've no doubt become a facet of your day-to-day activities.

Some of you have submitted photos of your pets as part of your work space, so we know they're important to you.  Now that we've spent almost a month "interrupting their daily schedules," we'd love to know how your pets have adapted to becoming your new coworkers.  Dogs, cats, fish, birds - they're all fair game (see what we did there).

Share your pictures of your pets with us on social media at @JacobsConnects using the hashtag, #OurJacobs.

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