News Jun 11, 2021

Managing Cyber Risk to your Infrastructure

Managing Cyber Risk to your Infrastructure

There is little doubt that infrastructure projects are seen as a way out of the current economic situation by many governments worldwide, with huge investment planned in new tunnels, railways, utilities and other infrastructure. But will this building frenzy create yet more opportunities for cyber crime to disrupt our way of life?

Will the rush to smarter, digitally enabled solutions simply make life easier for cyber-criminals? In the latest issue of Infrastructure Intelligence, Jacobs People & Places Solutions Europe Director of Cybersecurity Nigel Stanley assesses the risks and how to manage them on your infrastructure project.

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As Director of Cybersecurity in People & Places Solutions, Nigel Stanley works across Jacobs providing innovative cybersecurity solutions for complex projects in transportation, utilities, energy and the built environment. With 30 years’ experience in cybersecurity, 17 published papers and books, and 300 conference presentations, Nigel is as enthusiastic today as he was when he first started reverse engineering secure software all those years ago.