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News Aug 7, 2023

Jacobs Works with R;pple Suicide Prevention Charity to Create Hope

Suicide prevention charity’s browser extension aims to help prevent self-harm and suicide.


This year’s World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 continues to focus on “Creating Hope Through Action” and tools like R;pple and Jacobs’ One Millions Lives are aiming to do just that.

Suicide prevention is a global challenge – according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 703,000 people die by suicide worldwide each year. The U.K. and Ireland-based charity, the Samaritans, reports that research of suicides of young people found suicide-related internet use in 26% of deaths in under-20s, and 13% of deaths in 20–24-year-olds.

R;pple Suicide Prevention

Currently available in the U.K., R;pple, created by Alice Hendy, is a browser plug-in that prompts an automatic pop-up when a person searches for harmful keywords or phrases relating to the topic of self-harm or suicide. These phrases include any words or terminology which have been identified as displaying potentially damaging online content.

If a user searches for harmful content via online web searches, forums or video sharing sites using one of the keywords configured within the R;pple interceptive tool, it triggers R;pple into action. Before the person is directed to the online results relating to their search, R;pple displays a message of hope followed by a selection of 24/7, free mental health charity partners available to contact in a variety of different communication methods, including calling, texting, webchat and a self-help tool.

R;pple is available to download as an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers and is free for individuals, parents and guardians, schools, colleges, sixth forms, universities and registered charities.  It is supported by more than 70 mental health charities and organizations who assist in raising awareness about self-harm, suicide and bereavement by suicide.

  • 703 K

    Estimated number of people who die by suicide worldwide each year. Source: World Health Organization

  • 26 %

    Inquiry into suicides of young people found suicide-related internet use in 26% of deaths in under-20s. Source: Samaritans

  • 13 %

    Inquiry into suicides of young people found suicide-related internet use in 13% of deaths in 20–24-year-olds. Source: Samaritans

  • 5 +

    Young people take their lives each day, on average. Source: Samaritans

I'm supporting R;pplefest Saturday 12 August

Interested in learning more about R;pple? Register here for R;ppleFest, taking place on August 12 in Hampshire, U.K. where Jacobs Europe Mental Health Lead Chris McArthur will be joining mental health charities, organizations and local communities united in helping to raise awareness in the tool.

Jacobs supports the R;pple campaign, and our free mental health check-in tool, One Million Lives, is available through the R;pple tool and via

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Jacobs’ One Million Lives check-in tool

One Million Lives symbol

Developed in collaboration with global mental health professionals, One Million Lives is a free mental health check-in tool to enhance users' understanding of their current state of mind and provide proactive strategies for personal mental health development. By regularly completing a check-in, via the web-based app, users will ideally be better equipped to understand how they are currently coping, assess the early indicators of associated mental health challenges, start positive and active conversations and get support much earlier. Since its launch nearly 40,000 check-ins have been completed.

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