News Oct 27, 2020

Jacobs Recognized for Industry Leadership in Digital Environment, Health and Safety Solutions

An independent research firm scored Jacobs a Green Quadrant leader in its biennial report.

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Jacobs is again rated an industry leader in environment, health and safety (EHS), as confirmed by independent research firm, Verdantix, which released its Green Quadrant: Digital EHS Services 2020 report.

The assessment placed the most advanced service providers into one of four quadrants: Leaders, Innovators, Specialists and Challengers, based on 100 performance criteria covering the digitization of projects over a wide range of EHS conditions, as well as deployment of innovative EHS technology solutions.

“Challenging today and reinventing tomorrow, Jacobs fully embraces the Industry 4.0 digital transformation with a focus on high value technology-enabled solutions,” says Jacobs Senior Vice President, Global Environmental Market Director Jan Walstrom. “Our leadership is built on deep domain expertise, our ability to develop and integrate both proven and leading-edge technologies, and our multi-disciplinary EHS professionals who are committed to advancing efficiencies for environmental protection and safety.”

Based on the Green Quadrant analysis, Verdantix finds that Jacobs has strengths in:

Applying digital twin technology to industrial water and wastewater projects: We scored the highest among Green Quadrant competitors in industrial water and wastewater projects due to its leveraging of advanced technologies such as digital twins. Replica™, Jacobs digital twin solution software platform, has helped public and private sector clients manage industrial water and wastewater facilities by developing detailed process simulations of design and operational metrics to improve performance and reduce capital and operating costs.

Integration of industrial wearables and IoT sensors: Jacobs was the highest scorer in industrial wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor usage and implementation. Among competitors in the EHS service market, the Green Quadrant analysis found that Jacobs has gone the farthest to embrace IoT technology and develop tools and support for its clients. For more than 10 years, we’ve used our internally-developed ion© IoT platform solution which integrates connected worker solutions and provides in-depth data visualization in a centralized platform. We continue to evolve our ion© solution and recently partnered with IoT and EHS vendors to offer real-time contact tracing, social distancing and material and tool monitoring in response to COVID-19.

Deploying AR and VR solutions for digital health and safety training: Jacobs partners with a wide range of EHS and specialist training vendors when implementing solutions for its clients and offers a variety of innovative training solutions. We work extensively in deploying augmented and virtual reality training solutions for multiple clients and have developed a gamified desktop application to make training more impactful and memorable.

At Jacobs, we apply the expertise of our multidisciplinary engineering and professional teams to develop industry leading EHS Information Management solutions for our clients that address compliance management, emissions management, quality and risk, hazard communications and process safety, occupational health and safety and operational sustainability and resiliency.

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