News Feb 18, 2019

Jacobs Innovator Recognized with SAME Mentoring Award

What if we showed you how SAME’s Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award-winner, Dr. John Mogge, blends sustainability and discipline to create differentiating value, while staying true to core values embedded in the oath he took to serve and protect his country?

John Mogge

Working to accelerate and lead the change in the built environment industry to shape a sustainable future, Dr. John Mogge is never satisfied with the status quo.

Being innovative is at the heart of John’s role as Jacobs director of federal solutions and technology for the Buildings, Infrastructure and Advanced Facilities business, and he encourages everyone to be imaginative on the job, imaging the possibilities of how asking “what if” can tap into the level of inventiveness and natural creative capability we all have.

John says personally, he tries to develop creative value through the application of two core sustainability principles and a discipline of innovation.

“The principles that guide my creative thought around the possibilities of ‘what if’ include the notions of exceptional resource efficiency that must be balanced on focused client needs and a recognition that the economics of sustainability matter,” he says. “The innovation discipline is a method of focusing on what I see as the most important client needs, my approach to address those needs and the benefits generated for the client, the environment, the economy and society. I've found that it is through this 'calculus' of the right principles and a disciplined-based filter that we can almost universally generate creative and differentiating value in our work."

He continues, “For me, over the last 18 years, Jacobs has provided me opportunities as a project manager, program manager, business leader, business developer, innovator and technology leader while staying true to the same core values embedded in the oath I took, and still hold, to serve and protect our country and its interests."

John, recently awarded the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award from the Society of Military Engineers (SAME), served 26 years of active duty in the United States Air Force before joining Jacobs in 2001. And he’s no stranger to discipline.

As a retired civil engineer colonel, John offers this advice to coaching mentors, especially those in the SAME Academy of Fellows:

Care more about these mentees than you think appropriate – it is in your demonstration of genuine care that the needed trust is found. Contribute – it’s really simple. Give more than you take; it’s the abundance theory and it works! Be competent – your competency in your chosen field, demonstrated by your professional credentials, is the foundation for success in our industry and you cannot help others if you don’t have a rock-solid foundation to build on.”

John’s commitment to SAME

John served as the 2014 president of SAME and in 2017, received the SAME President’s Medal. Instrumental in creating the SAME National Foundation Board, John was selected by the National Board to be the first president of the National Foundation and led the foundation to establish a clear, compelling purpose of developing engineering leaders for the nation. Additionally, he’s been intimately involved in the U.S. Air Force’s Education With Industry (EWI) fellowship program with Jacobs, personally managing EWI’s engagement with our company – helping them get quick starts on their learning objectives and facilitating their engagement on projects and programs.

As a firm, Jacobs received the esteemed J.W. Morris Sustaining Member Award in 2017 for its long and proud history of leadership engagement, service and support to SAME.

About the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award

SAME created the Academy of Fellows Mentoring Award in 2004 to recognize SAME Fellows for outstanding mentoring efforts. In 2009, the SAME Board of Direction renamed the award the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award in honor of the founder of the Academy of Fellows, Brig. Gen. Gerald C. “Jed” Brown, USA (Ret.), who led creation of nearly all the workings of the Academy in place today.

The Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award winners are evaluated based on key practice-based criteria including:

  • Advocate - Arrange for the mentee to participate in high-visibility activities within your organization and in SAME-sponsored events.
  • Advisor - Communicate the formal and informal realities of career progression; recommend beneficial training; review mentee's professional development plan.
  • Communicator - Establish an environment for open interaction with young members; act as a sounding board for ideas and career concerns.
  • Coach - Teach managerial and technical skills; recommend specific behaviors for success; encourage Young Members to take leadership roles in SAME.
  • Sponsor - Take Young Member to SAME meetings and introduce to colleagues; connect Young Members with educational and employment opportunities.

Jacobs Vice President of Jacobs Connected Enterprise (JCE) Digital Solutions for the Buildings, Infrastructure and Advanced Facilities business, Heather Wishart-Smith, P.E., PMP, LEED AP BD+C, F.SAME, received the award in 2017. Read her best tip for excelling in a competitive industry in this piece.

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