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Jacobs Helps Tackle the Nuclear Skills Shortage

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Jacobs is helping tackle the shortage of skilled workers in the nuclear industry with a new initiative. Our Independent Nuclear Assurance Panel, comprised of specially selected subject matter experts from the company’s 6,000-strong nuclear workforce, provides essential advice for nuclear licensees and developers.

Independent nuclear assurance or oversight is the independent scrutiny and challenge applied to all aspects of nuclear operations, process and developments and the need for it is embedded in nuclear license conditions.

The Jacobs panel provides robust independent review and challenge to assist clients in meeting regulatory requirements and complying with industry practice guidance.

Topics for discussion include nuclear safety, engineering change, decision making, investigations, GDA steps and licensing, regulatory improvements, conventional safety and environmental issues.

In advance of the panel meeting, clients submit a brief report about the issue on which they need independent assurance. Panel members then meet with client online or face-to-face to discuss, review and identify key issues which may require additional consideration. Within a week, the client receives a short report summarizing the discussion and key opportunities for consideration.

“Jacobs is always striving to achieve new and innovative ways to support the nuclear industry,” says Jacobs Assurance Technology and Regulation Director Steve Hilton. “This program offers a new level of independent assurance building on our 60 years’ experience of supporting a range of operators with Independent Nuclear Assurance.”

“Our panel complements existing independent assurance arrangements to help maintain and drive continuous improvement in safety performance. Access to advice from qualified and experienced people is especially valuable for start-ups and new ventures which are such an important part of the nuclear renaissance which is now under way,” Steve adds.

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