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News Feb 8, 2019

How This Tech Wields the Power to Keep You Safe in a Digital World

What if we showed you how Jacobs and the U.S. Department of Education - Federal Student Aid aggregated filtered data into a consolidated perspective to enhance real-time analysis by implementing TITAN™ Cyberdata Fusion?

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Organizations have more data than ever at their disposal. Combing through massive amounts of data to identify threats is a common challenge facing data analysis today. The more tools and systems organizations bring in to address threats, the more complex and challenging to glean meaningful insights.

But what if we showed you how – with open-source technologies and the ability to leverage existing systems and data – security and network operations centers now can quickly see emerging threats as they occur and visualize impacts on downstream high value assets?

Connect, protect and analyze your data

TITAN is a suite of solutions (including Graph Database, Elastic Stack and SOCTRAQ) that leverages open-source technology. This translates into lower implementation costs, better extensibility and a more aggressive feature improvement cycle. With the ability to leverage existing tools and data, clients don’t need to replace current software, but rather augment and enhance existing tool infrastructures by using data most users already collect, but do not currently utilize.

Titan filters out noise, to find the real needle in the haystack of threats customized to filter data unique to the client’s application, while also reducing data processing costs. Benefits include:

  • Root cause analysis – real time threat displays.
  • Accelerated automation and improved analysis.
  • Cyber data fusion/composite intelligence displays.
  • Incident detection, response and case management in unison.

TITAN digests data in the network and offers users real-time detection and alerting capabilities for high-value asset and mission critical systems.

Issues we address

  1. Proactive versus reactive security
  2. Ability to leverage existing SIEM environments and data the client is already collecting but not using
  3. Human capital shortage


Security and network operations centers can now have an easy to understand graphical display that gives users early warning “Heads Up Display” (HUD) that provides data fusion and composite intelligence from multiple log or event data sources in a single pane of glass. The TITAN suite provides real-time detection of critical events often lost in the billions of events collected daily.

  • Instant, real-time alerting.
  • Alert responders become alert hunters.
  • Visual representation of real-time alerts/threats grouped logically.

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