Beyond If Beyond If

How This Platform Revolutionizes Management of Assets and Operations

What if we showed you how Jacobs and an international manufacturing company leveraged the power of digitization to automate operations processes to drive costs down and realize a vision of a connected enterprise with the Jacobs ion platform?

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Cars, factories, ports, refineries, roads, office buildings and even entire cities are already communicating together in ways that fundamentally change how people and systems interact.

More than ever, companies are looking for greater efficiency and cost reduction across their enterprise to compete and prosper in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape or risk being left behind.

But what if we showed you how implementing an open, intelligent, industrial application platform, various sites at one international  manufacturing company realized a 70% improvement in efficiency, safety and emergency response time by leveraging the power of digitization with Jacobs’ ion platform?

  • 70 %

    or more reduction in hazardous incident response time through accurate, real-time information

  • 25 %

    increase in productivity, and 30-40% reduction in maintenance costs

Intelligent industrial applications and services

First commissioned in a heavy processing market in 2009, ion delivers, extends and manages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) with the only open, intelligent and industrial application platform. ion contains a modular suite of applications that address critical safety, security, accountability, compliance and performance monitoring and workflow optimization needs within industrial sites and facilities.

Jacobs’ ion integrates hardware, IIOT devices, analytics and applications with a robust engine for rules, events, visualization and notifications into a single tailorable platform. The solution uses active monitoring to enhance security and reliability, and automates processes for personnel safety and accountability with location tracking, mustering and emergency notification. Condition-based monitoring and asset material tracking improves plant uptime and availability.

Improve worker safety

Seeking to automate personnel safety processes and update safety procedures for compliance, an international manufacturing company needed an automated process for assessing worker and asset health, mustering and emergency response handling. Previously in-place procedures required manual accounting of personnel which can delay timely emergency response. Also, compliance mandates required video for safety and security.

Collect, protect and analyze

ion enables clients to leverage existing investments, source the right digital tool and seamlessly integrate systems to digitize workflows. This increases productivity, while enabling faster decision cycles through visibility of information across all levels of the organization.

By implementing ion, the international manufacturing company immensely improved safety and response handling through accurate and up-to-date information. Efficiency was greatly enhanced with the automation of personnel accounting, wisely allocating time to emergency response in high risk situations. ion also improved process monitoring through perimeter video.

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