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Environment Analyst Ranks Jacobs as the No. 2 Environmental Consultancy in the UK, No. 2 Globally

In its annual U.K. Market Assessment of the Environmental Consulting Sector, the Environment Analyst reports on the leading 30 Environmental Consulting practices.

The Environment Analyst, a publishing and business research organization in the U.K. that tracks performance and opportunities within the environmental services sector, recently released its annual U.K. Market Assessment of the Environmental Consulting Sector Reporton the leading peer group of 30 Environmental Consulting practices. 

Working every day with our clients to develop more connected and more sustainable solutions, we’re pleased to be ranked No. 2 in the U.K. Environmental Consultancy Sector. 

Environment Analyst Ranks Jacobs as the No. 2 Environmental Consultancy in the UK

Driving better social and environmental outcomes while enabling the efficient delivery of critically important national infrastructure is central to our work across all market sectors and clients.  Our employees proudly bring their dedication, passion and innovation to help find those holistic solutions for clients such as Highways England, Network Rail, HS2 and Transport Scotland who are connecting communities;  Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester Airports connecting economies;  United Utilities, South East Water and National Grid providing essential customer services to us all and, of course, our cities which are increasingly feeling the pressures of population growth and demand on space and resources.

We have the opportunity to address a number of key challenges our society and clients face and ensure we build on our work to provide:

  • Climate resilience and a roadmap to net-zero carbon
  • Clean growth, focusing on renewable energy and tackling emissions
  • Nature-based solutions, protecting our communities from flood and improving our social and environmental capital
  • Support to green finance, enabling the sustainable development of our infrastructure.

“This ranking confirms our leading position in the U.K. environmental market and supports our aspiration to become no. 1 in this sector,” said Jacobs People & Places Solutions Vice President and Head of our U.K. and Europe Water and Environment business Bruce Chalmers. “We believe there is an opportunity for us and other key players in the market to transform the way the U.K. delivers its infrastructure, leading with the environment through a focus on integrated infrastructure solutions that address the economic and climate challenges, while creating resilient communities and a sustainable environment for all.”

  • No. 1 Environmental Consulting Firm Working for Government & Agencies
  • No. 2 in Ecological/Wildlife Services Consultancy
  • No. 2 in Water Quality & Resource Management Consultancy
  • No. 3 Environmental Consulting Firm Working for Regulated Industries
  • No. 5 Environmental Consulting Firm Working for Infrastructure & Development Clients

We’re also excited to be ranked in the top 10 for helping our clients advance critical infrastructure projects in a socially and environmentally responsible manner (providing expertise in areas such as air quality, impact assessment, noise and vibration), manage water resources, protect the natural environment, remediate contaminated land for redevelopment, manage waste and circular economy strategies, and meet regulatory requirements.

On the international stage, the Environment Analyst’s 2019/2020 Global Environmental Consulting Strategies & Market Assessment (report) lists Jacobs as the No. 2 Global Environmental Consultancy. The company’s fiscal 2019 global environmental market revenue, encompassing environmental solutions, water and nuclear decommissioning and remediation, was US $4.2 billion.

“With more than 20,000 environmental practitioners around the globe, our purpose is to be the best in the world by being the best for the world,” said Jacobs People & Places Solutions Senior Vice President and Global Environmental Market Director Jan Walstrom. “At Jacobs, we redefine what's possible by promoting the inclusivity of ideas and global knowledge sharing to reinvent the way we solve problems and shape the next generation of environmental solutions.”


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