News Jul 31, 2019

Communicating with the Heart in Mind: Building Acceptance for Smart Water Metering Programs

In Jacobs’ latest whitepaper, explore helpful context on levels of electromagnetic field exposure related to smart water meters and effective communication tactics that can be used to break down opposition and gain support for smart metering programs.

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Around the globe, smart water meter technology is advancing the way utilities monitor water use, encourage wise water consumption and serve their customers. Global market insights predict that the global smart water meters market will experience exponential growth in the next five years. At Jacobs, we’re already proudly supporting our clients throughout their smart metering journey. We work with utilities of all sizes, from 5,000-customer regional utilities to national providers with well over 1 million accounts.

Smart meters transmit data digitally, like a cellphone, Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device, using radio frequency (RF) waves. These waves are an example of an electromagnetic field (EMF) – which some experts believe can impact nervous system function and cause damage to cells – and implementation of smart metering programs can be held back by concerns from stakeholders about potential EMF exposure from use of the technology.

Addressing these concerns with scientific facts and/or research isn’t the most effective approach, since anti-EMF sentiments are most often driven by fear or emotion rather than evidence.

What if we showed you how understanding these underlying causes of opposition is key to communicating program goals effectively, and ultimately encouraging acceptance of the technology?

With our latest insights, “Radio Waves and Smart Water Meters: Effective Communication Tactics to Build Acceptance,” discover helpful context on levels of EMF exposure related to smart water meters and effective communication tactics that can be used to inoculate opposition and gain support for the program.

Download the full whitepaper here, and if you’re interested in Jacobs’ smart water metering solutions, visit our new marketing page at

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