News Aug 21, 2019

Challenges and Opportunities in the Water Industry: Jacobs in Conversation with British Water

Jacobs’ Bryan Harvey discusses global challenges, innovation, collaboration and the value of water with British Water CEO Lila Thompson, in the second episode in a series of thought leadership podcasts on the global water market.

Bryan Harvey

For more than 25 years British Water has represented the interests of the water and wastewater industry in the U.K. and overseas, providing important information on domestic and international markets to its members, as well as engaging with regulators and governments in the promotion of best practice.

In the second of a series of interviews with thought leaders in the U.K. water industry, British Water CEO Lila Thompson spoke with Jacobs’ Buildings, Infrastructure and Advanced Facilities Vice President Bryan Harvey, to get his take on some of the key issues being faced by the water industry both in the U.K. and worldwide.

On global challenges for the water sector, Bryan said, “Weather events are becoming much more extreme and frequent and our ability to deal with them is being impacted by the number of people on the planet. The amount of available space for solutions is also reducing, as we address the challenge of both flooding and water supply. We need to adopt a much higher level of flexibility through our future solutions than we have done in the past; the challenges of today really do need a different mindset.”

“At Jacobs we believe there's a better way in developing solutions, using digital technologies, based on our domain knowledge and delivery capabilities, unlocking the full potential of our company in solving some of the world's – and our client's – greatest challenges.”

The full podcast is available on the British Water website.