News Apr 27, 2020

Atomic Energy Canada Limited Awards a 4-Year Contract Extension

Jacobs, as part of the Canadian National Energy Alliance has received a four-year extension from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited to continue to operate the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ assets and facilities.

Canadian National Energy Alliance

Jacobs, as part of Canadian National Energy Alliance (CNEA), is pleased to announce that our client, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) has exercised its option under the Site Operating Contract (SOC) to extend for a four-year term the management and operation of its assets and facilities to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. This extension is truly a testament to the innovative and impactful work being performed by the CNL team.

Why do we deserve it?

The team has accomplished a lot throughout the first six years of its contract, and it would have been impossible without each of CNL’s 3,300 staff members, its contractors, suppliers and the involved and engaged communities where they operate.

Some of the accomplishments include: being named one of Canada’s top employers for four consecutive years; performing commercial research work related to targeted alpha therapy and progressing small modular reactor siting.

CNL is constantly looking for new and fresh ways to solve the world’s problems. They are founded on innovation and making life better, easier and cleaner for all. Right now, the CNL team is creatively using their 3D printer supply to produce much needed equipment for the medical community to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether it’s 3D printing medical supplies, producing medical isotopes, researching small modular reactors, decommissioning aging facilities or connecting with the youth of their communities, the team’s commitment to a better future cannot be ignored.

CNEA’s core values and approach align with the Government of Canada’s objectives. Safety is not only the first priority but is also an enabler of productivity. We integrate mission-critical assets — the facility, the workforce and the community—and invest in them for the future.

What do we do at CNL?

This initial contract commenced on September 13, 2015 for a six-year term with the option to renew for an additional four-year term.

Jacobs, as a partner of CNEA, is seconded and fully integrated into Canadian Nuclear Laboratories under the government-owned, contractor-operated model.  The team is managing and operating Canada’s nuclear research and development laboratories, decommissioning and radioactive waste management of legacy materials across 10 locations in Canada, including three prototype reactor sites, and the Laprade heavy water storage site. By 2025, CNEA’s vision is to transform the CNL enterprise, reduce decommissioning & waste management (DWM) liabilities and grow science & technology (S&T).

CNL is a world leader in nuclear science and technology offering unique capabilities and solutions across a wide range of industries. Actively involved with industry-driven research and development in nuclear, transportation, clean technology, energy, defense, security and life sciences, we provide solutions to keep these sectors competitive internationally.