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All Systems Go at Manchester Airport Group’s New Private Terminal, Designed by Jacobs

First-of-its-kind terminal for Manchester Airport offers an upgraded experience to passengers across over 25 commercial airlines.

Manchester Airport Group (MAG) recently opened its new private terminal, designed by Jacobs. The PremiAir terminal offers an upgraded experience to passengers of all ticket classes across over 25 commercial airlines.

Both arriving and departing passengers at Manchester Airport can choose to use the new terminal, which is separate from the three existing terminals. They can enjoy specialty services for an affordable fee, including complimentary food and drink, a dedicated security channel, and private transfers to the gate.

MAG commissioned us to design the terminal after they identified an opportunity to create a high-end travel experience for passengers. The challenge was for our team to design a terminal that has all the features of a regular terminal but with a quality feel and sense of space, within a 500-square-meter-area.

MAG PremiAir
Images: MAG

We provided a range of professional services to MAG for the development and delivery of the project, from architecture to interior design. In order to minimize time for delivery, the team designed the outer shell of the terminal early on, with the main structure prefabricated off-site while the interior design was being completed.

The new terminal has been built with sustainability at the forefront of design. The space uses minimal energy because the design optimizes the use of carefully-selected materials, as well as the terminal’s positioning. The lounge’s panoramic windows, for example, not only provide views of the airfield but also reduce the need for artificial lighting in the terminal.

You can read more about the PremiAir terminal here.

MAG PremiAir

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