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Jacobs Receives Regional DuPont 2017 Sustainability Award

Jacobs recently received a DuPont 2017 Sustainability Award for their Europe, Middle East and Africa Region at a celebration ceremony in Singapore.

The awards recognize outstanding initiatives aimed at balancing workplace safety, sustainability and operational effectiveness. 

“We are very pleased to recognize Jacobs for their achievements and commitment to sustainability,” said Davide Vassallo, Managing Director, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “Like DuPont, Jacobs believes that improvements in sustainability performance and footprint reduction allows companies to not only become better corporate citizens, but more competitive and effective.”  

Our Jacobs Sustainability+ program is designed to identify savings at any stage of a project, including the feasibility and preliminary design phases. This means our clients are able to effectively integrate sustainability from the very beginning.

Over the last seven years, our efforts to better capture and utilize data to reduce the footprint of our client initiatives has led to the savings of 54.2 million metric tonnes of CO2 for our clients in 2016 alone.  We are consistently expanding the range of metrics the tool can track beyond the initial focus on carbon emissions, allowing us to provide a more comprehensive view of sustainability performance for our clients.

Jacobs presented with DuPont Sustainability Award, EMAC Region. Pictured left to right, independent jury member Vaideesh Sankaran, Alan Hendry, Adam Liddle.

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