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Modern Slavery Act Statement 2018

Our Company & Supply Chain

Jacobs Group is a global provider of technical, professional, and scientific services, including engineering, architecture, construction, operations and maintenance. With $15.0 billion in combined revenue and more than 74,000 employees, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of services including scientific, technical, professional and construction- and program-management for business, industrial, commercial, government and infrastructure sectors. Jacobs operates in over 80 countries and engages more than 30,000 suppliers worldwide.

Our Commitment

Since its founding over 70 years ago, Jacobs has operated with a deep commitment to safety, ethics, and integrity, with people at the heart of our business. We aspire not only to deliver high-quality infrastructure, but to do so in a manner that benefits the people and communities involved.

BeyondZero® is the name of Jacobs' safety ethos and "culture of caring." Not only do our employees work relentlessly to foster behaviors and conditions that produce an incident- and injury-free work environment, we go beyond this — with the ultimate goal of identifying and eliminating risks to health, safety, and welfare both on and off the job.

The following Statement applies to the UK business Jacobs UK Limited, Jacobs Field Services Limited and Sinclair Knight Merz (Europe) Limited:



Jacobs UK, as part of the wider Jacobs community, continues to be committed to social and environmental responsibility and has zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking. To support this commitment, Jacobs Group developed and rolled out globally the Jacobs Supplier Code of Conduct to which Jacobs UK hold ourselves and our supply chain accountable. The Jacobs Supplier Code of Conduct prohibits the use of any form of child or forced labour, slavery, or trafficking of persons.

We hold our suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders to the same standards that we hold ourselves. Running a good business means running a safe and ethical business, and that extends well beyond Jacobs itself.

Every year, globally, we work on projects representing billions of our clients' dollars, and to do this we must have their trust. We always hold ourselves-and our suppliers and subcontractors-to the highest ethical standards. Our contracts and our Supplier Code of Conduct clarifies our expectations of those we partner with to meet the needs of our clients, including our suppliers, vendors and subcontractors. The document is an overview of the guiding principles and values which govern how we make ethical decisions in conducting our business.

Jacobs UK has taken and will continue to take a variety of actions to verify the absence of forced labour, slavery, and human trafficking in our supply chain, including the following:


Our standard contracts include a provision for the supplier to warrant that it has not and will not engage in any activity, practice or conduct which would constitute an offence under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


Jacobs requires that each and every supplier reads and certifies compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct and is registered on our Supplier Hub database.

Verification and Risk Assessment

Jacobs requires a due diligence process of supply chain risk based on international indices, media searches and other indicators of supplier-specific risks.


As part of our supplier verification and audit process we require our Suppliers to be able to demonstrate conformance and assurance that they have flowed down Jacobs' requirements to their own suppliers and contractors and have a supporting audit process.


Jacobs includes a section on the Supplier Code of Conduct into its standard procurement training for supply chain management professionals within its Organisation. Anti-bribery and corruption and human trafficking prevention is consistently emphasised as part of the training provided.

Integrity Hotline

In order to support our work vigilance in this area, Jacobs also provides an ethics hotline; anyone may call anonymously through the Jacobs Integrity Hotline: +1(877) JACOBS2 or alternatively contact details are provided including a list of country-specific phone numbers (


Jacobs Global Supply Chain Management organization has responsibility for implementing and monitoring compliance to all of the supply chain activities described above.

Forward Looking Statement

Acquisition of CH2M

In December 2017 Jacobs Group acquired CH2M, increasing our workforce from 55,000 to over 74,000 employees. One of the most exciting aspects of our newly combined company is not only our tremendous capability when it comes to delivering innovative engineering solutions, but our synergistic values, culture, and shared commitment to having positive impact.

Notably, CH2M has established itself as a thought leader when it comes to promoting the rights and welfare of workers in our industry. Beyond its own human rights policies and practices, CH2M has gone one step further to spark increased collaboration across the engineering and construction community at large. Its success in these efforts has been evidenced both in the launch of Building Responsibly in February 2017 — a new industry organized chaired by CH2M, now Jacobs — as well as in CH2M being the only company in our industry shortlisted for the 2017 Thomson Reuters Foundation Stop Slavery Award.

Additionally, CH2M has exhibited its commitment to innovation by co-developing and piloting the Worker Connect mobile app technology on two major infrastructure projects in the Middle East Gulf, in partnership with Caravan Studios and Humanity United. This technology, developed specifically for the realities of the global engineering and construction environment, is a two-way engagement tool that allows workers to submit anonymous feedback on their living and working conditions, and companies to publish updates and educational information for workers. The goal is to foster adoption of the tool across the industry.

Policies & Practices

We consider the CH2M acquisition an opportunity to further enhance Jacobs' human rights program and are in the process of harmonization — including an update to Jacobs' Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct to provide an integrated policy framework and reflect international best practices. Additionally, we will be introducing a new human rights policy for Jacobs based upon CH2M's industry-leading Worker Welfare Policy. These materials will underpin a robust human rights program that incorporates risk assessment, due diligence, supplier prequalification, monitoring, assessment, auditing, reporting, intervention, and continuous improvement - along with ongoing innovations in training, outreach, and technology to enhance worker welfare.


Jacobs will continue to play a leadership role In the Building Responsibly business coalition. While there is much we can accomplish internally, we know that no single company can address these complex challenges alone, and thus believe that it is essential to collaborate with peer companies to establish and disseminate common standards, practices, and tools across the industry.

We also understand the importance of considering a diversity of perspectives, and will continue to operate with a commitment to multi-stakeholder engagement across the business, government, civil society, and academic sectors.


Jacobs Group's Director of Social Impact oversees strategy and implementation of our global worker welfare program. This position reports into Jacobs' Vice President for Ethics & Compliance, and our Chief Administrative Officer serves as Executive Sponsor. Given the highly cross-functional nature of human rights, we leverage extensive collaboration among teams including Health & Safety, Sustainability, Security, Procurement, Risk, Legal, Sales, Operations, and beyond. As part of our harmonization process, we are also updating reporting mechanisms into Jacobs' Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors regarding human rights.

Looking Ahead

There is much to be done to promote the rights and welfare of workers, and we are at a significant juncture in our journey. We look forward to the opportunity this year presents to enhance our systems to positively impact workers, our company, our supply chain, and the communities we touch.

Approved by Jacobs UK Limited Board of Directors on 8th May, 2018

Robert V. Pragada
President, Buildings Infrastructure & Advanced Facilities Director, Jacobs UK Limited
Date: 27/06/2018

Approved by Jacobs Field Services Ltd Board of Directors on 20th April, 2018

Andrew Scargill
Director, Jacobs Field Services Ltd.
Date: 21/06/2018

Approved by Sinclair Knight Merz (Europe) Limited Board of Directors on 25th April, 2018

Jonathan Shattock
Director, Sinclair Knight Merz (Europe) Limited
Date: 20/06/2018