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ION Video

Providing visibility into hazardous, remote and unmanned locations

ION Video

The large physical area and inherent hazards of most processing facilities introduce many challenges including increasingly complex regulations, aging workforces that will diminish the pool of skilled workers, and the inherent problems of most processing facilities for plant safety, security and operations. Remote video monitoring can help address these challenges and provide visibility into hazardous, remote and unmanned locations while extending the capabilities of your limited workforce.

The ION Video Application Suite

ION Video Security

Increase plant-wide security with visibility into remote and unmanned areas and enable security professionals to respond to incidents in a timely manner and search for past incidents from archived videos. ION Video Security provides virtual eyes with wireless cameras to locations that are not consistently monitored and advanced security features such as alarms and alerts, camera tamper detection, object counting, face and motion detection for more accurate and continuous security monitoring.

ION Process Video

Equip plants with an intelligent secure, reliable, low-cost way to significantly increase productivity, safely monitor those hazardous, remote locations and satisfy regulatory mandates. The ION Process Video Application analyzes motion, tracks, counts, and identifies objects and delivers video intelligence from live video streams. ION Video performs video analysis, issues real-time alerts to appropriate security, safety, and operational personnel, and archives video for intelligent search, event correlation, and performance auditing.


Provide "virtual eyes" with a wider, sharper, longer and smarter focus to more cost-effectively help users to reduce hazards accidents, improve safety, security and productivity as well as minimize the time and cost of corrective remedial actions. ION WiMAX Video utilizes a wider bandwidth capability with 45 Mbps of throughput and up to 65,000 Packets per Second (PPS), avoids the crowded 802.11 air space by utilizing the licensed 3.65 GHz frequency, and seamlessly integrates with Jacobs’ ION System to manage, monitor, view, alert and record video no matter the backhaul link.