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ION Solutions

Jacobs’ ION system makes you safe, secure, clean and better

ION Protocols

Jacobs ION

The System

Industrial network appliance that manages data services, workflow, security, monitoring and maintenance, and 3rd party application integration across wireless plant networks.

Jacobs IONizers

Jacobs’ industrial wireless field appliances for multi-protocol, multi-vendor wireless sensor networks and device-based systems.

The Benefits


The ION System is vendor-agnostic and standards-based. This gives industry the freedom to select the most suitable technology for an application or environment based on performance, price, durability, or any other factor.


ION R4 enables a truly integrated industrial wireless infrastructure with its centralized, comprehensive interface for integrating and managing all devices, applications and data.


ION leverages advances in network and system security to provide a standard and integrated approach to wireless network security. Continuous network monitoring and real-time policy enforcement act as a virtual “security guard” to protect the wireless network and to comply with cyber security regulations, including NERC.

Performance and Reliability

ION measures performance and status characteristics across leading industrial wireless vendors and devices. When an anomaly is detected, ION is used to remotely manage devices to ensure availability of element, network, and overall system effectiveness.

Scalability and Extensibility

ION’s extensible infrastructure makes it possible to add applications and expand wireless capacity. ION also leverages the most current developments in distributed computing for overall system scalability.

Policy Enforcement

ION is uniquely capable of managing and enforcing wireless network policies across multi-vendor devices and applications. Intelligent policy enforcement is required for security, reliability, and performance management.


ION centralizes the management of multi-vendor devices and applications on a single platform, which can greatly reduce hardware, software, and administrative costs across the entire plant network.