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ION Monitoring

A single integrated window into the health and status of all critical equipment by integrating both wired instrumentation and wireless sensor networks

ION Monitoring

Wireless condition monitoring devices from a variety of vendors, utilizing many different wireless technologies are combined into a single easy-to-understand interface that provides status on measurements such as temperature, humidity, vibration, voltage, tank levels and status, pressure and flow – virtually anything that can be measured. With the ION Wireless Condition Monitoring Application, plants can gather and integrate more operational data more easily in order to make critical decisions and operate more efficiently.

ION Emissions Monitoring

The ION Emissions Monitoring Application reliably provides predictable, accurate monitoring of gas emissions and imminent hazardous situations in industrial facilities. The ION Emissions Monitoring Application automatically feeds data from cost-effective wireless sensors into the ION integrated dashboard and provides reporting capability that simplifies the challenge of monitoring, managing, and verifying a facility's environmental emissions.

ION Intelligent Reliability

ION Intelligent Reliability provides predictive analytics and intelligence by continuously monitoring machine sensors to identify normal versus abnormal activity and uses real-time sensor data plus archived work orders and maintenance data to show if equipment is operating reliably and under normal operating limits. ION Intelligent Reliability collects and analyzes patterns at a granular level to fully understand normal behavior for all operating stages and the precise patterns that precede failure.

ION Tank Gauging

ION Tank Gauging captures and interprets tank-gauging data from single or all tanks in a facility that previously was either technically or financially out of reach for operators. The application also serves as a framework for unifying disparate tank gauging hardware technology into a single dashboard for a complete view of tank conditions and status.

ION Network Monitoring

ION Network Monitoring provides real-time analysis and visualization of the health of any and all operational systems. Through an integrated real-time interface, ION Network Monitoring brings together the entire system – machines, devices, networks, software – providing a view and insight into the overall status of system performance. ION Network Monitoring includes status reporting and alert mechanism on system components and instruments that are monitoring the status of key processes and devices – temperature, pressure, tank-levels and more.

ION Leak Detection

ION Leak Detection allows any manager, anywhere, to stay fully aware of potential and emerging emissions and leak hazards. It also allows smart decisions to be made quickly if an incident occurs, which eliminates or minimizes potential damages. The ION Leak Detection Application integrates cost-effective wireless sensor networks with the ION Condition Monitoring application to provide an integrated dashboard and reporting engine that greatly simplifies all of your monitoring, management, and verification of any facility's environmental emissions.

ION Pipeline Monitoring

The ION Pipeline Monitoring Application provides continuous monitoring of remote pipelines. Real-time surveillance via the ION Dashboard enables remote managers the ability to monitor pipelines and configure alerts for possible leakages or other incidents that are possible with industrial gas and oil pipelines.

ION Safety Shower

Jacobs’ ION Safety Shower Application monitors safety shower and eye wash station activation when an employee exposed to hazardous materials activates a safety shower or eye wash station. The ION Safety Shower Application utilizes wireless sensors to monitor all shower and eye-switches in real-time and provides alerts, alarms and continuous monitoring to control room personnel. When the shower or eye wash starts, a switch activates the wireless sensor attached to the shower sending the alert to managers for immediate help.

ION Smoke Detection

ION Smoke Detection provides early warning smoke detection by actively sampling air for even the smallest particles of smoke to detect potential fire at the earliest stage possible. With such early warning, there is time to mitigate risk of catastrophic loss and operational disruption and stage an appropriate response to avoid the dangers of smoke and fire. In addition, having a critical, extremely reliable wireless smoke detection system like the ION Smoke Detection Application reduces insurance costs and helps facilities comply with strict industrial safety regulations.

ION Steam Trap Monitoring

With the ION Steam Trap Monitoring Solution, a non-invasive wireless monitor can be installed quickly and easily to monitor critical steam traps and immediately detect faults and leaks. As an integrated application within the ION System, this information not only provides alarms, but also combines all steam trap monitoring devices along with other energy system sensors to give you a complete dashboard for managing and optimizing your energy usage.