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ION Mobility

Delivering the real-time data workers need for safe and efficient plant operations

ION Mobility

In complex, hazardous environments, plant operators need assurance that all plant personnel are equipped to handle routine and emergency situations–no matter where they are. Wireless applications can provide the information and communication devices that workers need for safe and efficient plant operations.

The ION Mobility Application Suite

ION Commissioning

ION Commissioning reduces the time of loop commissioning and equipment checkout and reduces the operation outage time during the commissioning phase. The ION Commissioning Application includes industrial hardened tablets with the ability to run distributed control systems and asset management programs. Utilizing these industrial tablets, the commissioning and loop check teams can efficiently conduct loop checks and get instant verification of a successful loop deployment, without having to communicate back to the control room – thus streamlining the control room process.

ION Mobile Workforce

Enable mobile workers with fast, easy, safe access to information and real-time communications. The ION Mobile Workforce Application includes various mobile device options such as Hands-free Voice over Wireless IP phones, hand-held computers, laptop computers, cameras, numerous sensors, and other wireless devices empowering your field personnel to operate at the highest level of efficiency.

ION Turnarounds

Improve efficiency, real-time visibility, data accuracy, on-time performance, risk management and more during and after a turnaround. The ION Turnarounds Application provides industrial wireless handheld devices for mobility, an industrial software platform to manage and view all data via wireless applications and an industrial wireless infrastructure for real-time, reliable data transmission and communication.

ION Workflow

Increase efficiency, information accuracy and dramatically improve cost savings through improved, real-time project execution. The ION Workflow Application centrally manages field data collection, SOC's, SOP database, real-time procedure management, and provides options for corrective action. Data is collected and processed in real-time enabling accurate, up-to-date scheduling of contractor hours, equipment delivery and prioritization of tasks.