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ION Location

Real-time asset and personnel tracking solutions

ION Location

Knowing the location and status of your personnel and critical assets at all times is essential in addressing security, safety or environmental regulations and in improving overall safety, productivity, asset utilization and performance. The ION Location Application enables plant managers and personnel to easily locate critical plant assets and view asset status at any time and is designed and implemented to integrate any type of asset tracking system, including passive or active RFID, UWB, Wi-Fi, GPS and satellite, into a single, comprehensive network.

Locate personnel in real-time and provide efficient communication that can save lives and keep facilities’ most valuable asset – their personnel – safe. ION Mustering Application provides wireless technology and the integrated ION dashboard to verify the location and status of all personnel during an emergency. The solution leverages real-time personnel tracking via Wi-Fi, GPS, or RFID Tags and provides visual confirmation of the safety of every individual within a facility.

The ION Location Application Suite

ION Asset Tracking

Provide real-time location and status of all tagged facility assets for better asset utilization, improved security and safety and to meet compliance mandates. With the ION Asset Tracking Application, IONite Asset Tags are attached to mobile assets and tracked on maps via embedded CAD drawings, photographs of equipment, live video feeds, and other contextual information in a highly accurate spatial perspective.

ION Personnel Tracking

Continuously track and monitor employees and contractors via a map-based graphical interface for drastically improved personnel safety and security. ION Personnel tracking enables management to know the whereabouts of all personnel and receive alerts should anyone encounter problems or emergency situations. Each employee has a unique personnel ID on their individual IONite Personnel Tag.

ION Contractor Management

Enables plant managers and personnel to easily locate contractors at any time. ION Contractor Management uses real-time location beacons, RFID readers at designated locations for access control and a wireless infrastructure to track all contractors in real-time. ION Contractor Management provides accountability reporting for billing reconciliation using the data collected from contractor location history. It provides a detailed account of where contractors were located at a given time and for how long.

ION Access Control

Provide access control to restricted areas, employee tracking and meet industry mandates. ION Access Control wirelessly monitors access to specific plant areas and keeps physical track of personnel and contractor staff as they move around industrial facilities. ION Access Control uses a unique user ID stored on the IONite Personnel Tag to track all personnel entering and exiting sensitive areas, vehicle gates or main entry and exit points for increased security.