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ION Communications

There is nothing more essential to the safe and efficient running of any plant than reliable communications

ION Communications

Whether to improve employee, contractor, and community safety and security, ensure product quality, or enable more efficient operations, communications is essential. The ION Communication Application uniquely integrates several wireless solutions that are core to plant operations and productivity such as voice communications, emergency notification and broadcast messages to specific teams or individuals of critical safety and security information.

The ION Communications Application Suite

ION Emergency Notification

Protect and save lives by alerting employees, personnel, and the surrounding community to serious events, severe weather, fires, gas leaks and other incidents with effective, reliable, rapid communication via alarms and voice information directing personnel to take appropriate action and faster incident response. ION Emergency Notification Application includes omni-directional speaker arrays, visual strobe lights, integration with AM radio broadcast and PBX systems as well as the ION-based Alarm Activation of pre-recorded warnings displayed in the integrated ION System Dashboard. ION Emergency Notification provides a cost-effective alternative to rewiring antiquated PA systems since it installs much more safely, easily and cost-effectively, without digging trenches for cabling, altering operations, taking equipment offline, or requiring special safety precautions.

ION Collaboration

Provide plant, field, or control room personnel a central communication networking system to post critical messages on a topic-specific "stream," so that all members of a team are up to date on events and activities related to a particular process. ION Collaboration, is a real-time communication system that allows work teams to communicate collaboratively with message streams filtered according to topic, avoiding unnecessary distractions. Mobile users can view and contribute to the stream via mobile devices such as phones or electronic tablets. Tailoring communications so that everyone contributes and receives strictly relevant messages, and in real-time, vastly improves communication within and around an industrial facility, leading to enhanced productivity and – most important – safety.


With wireless VoIP communications, virtual teams of plant personnel can effectively communicate at all times, and technicians and engineers can collaborate with remote team members in real-time, even while they are physically working on equipment. ION VoIP uses wireless communication devices for completely mobile solution to empower operations and maintenance personnel to easily and reliably communicate with all plant personnel for improved safety, security and efficient operations.