Contract Benefits

  • The use of NAICS pools in which services can span 28 NAICS codes and 6 exceptions or 34 codes - exceptions in all, Standardized labor categories.
  • Standardized Labor Categories
  • An automated pricing tool which can be used in building realistic estimates
  • Facilitates managing Small Business (SB) program and goals through aggress SB goals and the provision of business intelligence via dashboards on SB performance
  • Longer term planning – OASIS has no program ceiling, a five-year base and one five-year option.
  • Tiered Access fee - OASIS offers an Innovative tiered access fee, ranging from 0.1 percent - 0.75 percent based on obligation level.

Oasis News

Jacobs is pleased to announce that we have received awards in OASIS Pools 1, 3, 4, 5a, 5b, and 6. The OASIS contracts will allow us to provide complex integrated services to fulfill the needs of our customers government wide. Please check back frequently for OASIS news.

Capabilities of Oasis

With decades of experience supporting Government and commercial clients, Jacobs has earned a reputation for outstanding technical and managerial achievements in quality, performance, and safety for contracts which span all the requirements of OASIS. Our contracts include experience with all of the OASIS core disciplines such as program management services, management consulting services, logistics services, engineering services, scientific services, and financial services for customers including the Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Energy, and commercial clients.