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Jacobs provides advanced solutions for collecting, processing, exploiting and disseminating geospatial intelligence using these collection systems:

  • Imaging systems delivering the highest quality images—starting with image capture all the way through processing
  • Radar systems as software-reconfigurable sensors, readily adaptable to diverse missions and a wide range of aircraft and ground vehicles
  • Precision geo-location products ranging from body-worn and handheld tools to industry-leading rack-mounted airborne systems, supported by the full scope of integration, customization, training and operations support

We also develop and implement engineering solutions for some of the world’s most unique and challenging missions:

  • Custom packaging and microelectronics with low- to medium-rate production for virtually any mission
  • Digital forensics that provide unique digital evidence capture and triage devices designed for speed and simplicity
  • Tagging, tracking and locating fully customizable products for sea, air and land with world-class training and integration to support their deployment

Imaging Systems Where Every Pixel Counts

Because you rely on precise data for your critical missions, Jacobs imaging systems make the most out of the images collected. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality images—starting with image capture all the way through processing. To achieve this, we combine the most advanced commercially-available components and build electro-optical systems, which are easier to operate, robust enough to stand up in austere environments and produce data that complies with the latest open standards. Our multi-sensor suite includes:

  • High-resolution visible (EO/IR) and multispectral cameras
  • Laser distancing sensors (LiDAR)
  • Hyperspectral (HSI) cameras
  • Custom-built sensors

We develop, integrate and deploy technology for optimized collection and analysis of geospatial imagery. Our airborne platforms and tailored payloads deliver solutions to meet both your strategic (long-term) and tactical (quick response) goals.

High Resolution EO/IR/LiDAR — Imagery for Strategic Mapping

High-resolution imaging technology evolved from urban mapping missions, to battlefield visualization and line-of-sight analysis, to Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions in austere environments. Our multi-sensor suite includes EO/IR multi-band cameras and laser distancing sensors (LiDAR). Jacobs also has the ability and experience to incorporate a range of additional capabilities, including signals intelligence, HSI and other custom-built sensors. These sensors can identify with pin-point accuracy details such as shoe prints in soil and air temperature variations.


Jacobs also has the ability and experience to incorporate hyperspectral imaging into its collection platforms. These sensors can identify with pin-point accuracy chemical differences in soil, air or water. This precession allows for collection platforms to maximize collection efficiency while finding those extremely hard-to-find needles in the world of haystacks.

Radar Systems for Any Situation

Jacobs radar systems are software-reconfigurable sensors that are readily adaptable to diverse missions and a wide range of aircraft and ground vehicles. Radar provides all-weather, day/night surveillance with varying degrees of penetration, including foliage, building and ground. Our software creates three-dimensional images that show features of land, structures and human activity visible only through radar imaging. Our tools perform terrain characterization and digital elevation model extraction for land cover/land use mapping applications. Our radar systems and associated exploitation algorithms are highly sensitive to man-made objects and man-made disturbances. We also provide fully automated, immediate on-board exploitation and dissemination.

Five Areas of Expertise to Meet Your Needs

  1. Airborne Radars: End-to-End Airborne Radar Development and Deployment Develops and deploys multi-mission, multi-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Moving Target Indication (MTI) radars for unmanned and manned aircraft
  2. Ground Radars: End-to-End Ground Radar Development and Deployment Develops and deploys multi-mission, multi-band detection, tracking and imaging radars for vehicles and ground stations
  3. Radar Processing, Exploitation/Analysis and Dissemination (PED or PAD) Tools Creates Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination systems that scale from tiny Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to fixed site supercomputing clusters for airborne and satellite systems
  4. Radar Research and Development Uses extensive knowledge of radar system theory and application to invent techniques for data exploitation, compression and visualization; develops novel Measurement and Signals Intelligence and Automated Target Detection Recognition tools
  5. Radar Quick Reaction Capabilities Specializes in the rapid deployment of systems to address Urgent Operational Needs for Counter-Improvised Explosive Device, Foliage Penetration, Wide Area Surveillance, Littoral Surveillance and other customer requirements

Key Benefits:

  • Open systems architecture
  • Scalable software defined
  • Modular system that be configured to meet multiple missions
  • Automated imagery analysis that reduce analysts’ workloads
  • Coordinated mission planning through product development and dissemination
  • Three-dimensional images that show features of land, structures and human activity
  • Fully automated, immediate on-board exploitation and dissemination
  • Terrain characterization and digital elevation model extraction for land cover/land use mapping applications

High Reliability Microelectronics for Your Unique Missions

Jacobs designs and manufactures high reliability microelectronics, with low- to medium-rate production, for virtually any mission. A typical project may involve miniaturizing a two-way communication system from the size of a handheld device down to the size of a USB Flash drive. Additional examples of miniaturization include a high density system-in-package design and a micro software defined radio—but the sky’s the limit.

Highly Specialized Team

Our team of electronic packaging and electrical engineers, technicians and operators are experienced in:

  • High density interconnect substrate and packaging design
  • Thermal and structural analysis
  • Reliability analysis and testing
  • Electronics material
  • Electronics manufacturing process

You Can Count on Us

  • Mission driven
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Assured quality
  • In-house facilities

Specialized Facility to Support Your Special Missions

Because your missions often have unique requirements, we deliver microelectronics from a facility that includes manufacturing processes for printed circuit board fabrication, microelectronics assembly and testing and microelectronics encapsulation.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Processes

  • PCB Lamination
  • IDE (Image, Develop, Etch)
  • Laser and Mechanical Via Drilling
  • Customized Solder Mask, Legend, Finish Plating

Microelectronics Assembly

  • Mixed technology assembly of bare die and surface mount technology components
  • Wafer Dicing and Automated Pick/Place
  • Automated Flip chip, Wire bonding, and SMT assembly
  • In-Process interconnected verification w/ Boundary Scan
  • Encapsulation with variety of thermally conductive and radio frequency-approved materials

We also develop new manufacturing processes to support custom design and assembly efforts that meet your needs. For example, our custom manufacturing process development is the sintered process, which enables extremely thin PCB layers with flexibility in adhesion to different finish metals.

Microelectronics Assembly

Our class 10,000 cleanroom is the heart of our operation. We design custom die integration solutions to meet specifications with an emphasis on extreme miniaturization. Our facilities include nitrogen purged storage boxes, laboratory freezers (-40 C) and fume extraction systems.

Rapid Digital Evidence Capture and Analysis Designed for Simplicity

When you need to quickly extract and analyze data, Jacobs can help. Our digital media triage and exploitation solution is a unique digital evidence capture and triage device designed for speed and simplicity in digital forensics and media exploitation. The tool rapidly extracts data and analyzes information from captured digital devices and media in-field and in a forensically sound manner. It provides immediate, actionable intelligence for time-critical counterterrorism operations, force protection activities, interrogations, checkpoint screenings and criminal investigations.

Key Benefits:

  • Tool is fast, accurate
  • System is portable and automated
  • Information is available in 44 languages
  • Graphic user interface makes it intuitive to use