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BeyondZero: To 2025 and Beyond:   Chair & CEO statement  •  Foreword  •  BeyondZero® strategy
How the strategy contributes to BeyondZero  •  Our role in achieving our BeyondZero vision
Measuring our progress  •  Turning the strategy into action  •  Governance

BeyondZero: To 2025 and Beyond

Chair and CEO Statement
BeyondZero: To 2025 and Beyond


BeyondZero strategy
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BeyondZero summary
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Chair & CEO statement

Challenging today. Reinventing tomorrow.

At Jacobs, we believe the wellbeing of our people is fundamental to our success. Our passion for safety and our courage to care for one another and our environment inspires mutual respect.

BeyondZero® is our approach to the health, safety and security of our people, the protection of the environment and the resilience of our organization.

We are proud that in our culture, our people go beyond following rules, procedures and processes. Our goal is beyond driving statistics to zero. We believe our culture of caring makes our people and communities safer and healthier, and this is fundamental to our success.

Having transformed our portfolio, launched our PlanBeyond™ sustainability strategy and, most recently, announced our Climate Action Plan commitments, we are delighted to share our new BeyondZero strategy which sets out our plans over the next five years for creating a positive impact on Jacobs, the environment, and on our people and our partners beyond the workplace.

BeyondZero is the foundation of our company's Culture of Caring℠ and a core part of our values and who we are at Jacobs.

Steve Demetriou
Chair and Chief Executive Officer