Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2021 for England, Wales and Scotland

Jacobs Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2021

The 2021 Report

Jacobs has four U.K. entities with more than 250 employees as of 5 April 2021.

These are:

  • Jacobs U.K. Limited
  • Jacobs Clean Energy
  • Jacobs Field Services Limited
  • Halcrow Group Limited

Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap for England, Wales and Scotland is a measure designed to show the difference between the gross hourly earnings for all men in an organization and the gross hourly earnings for all women.

The ethnicity pay gap measures the difference between average hourly pay rates for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic employees compared to white colleagues’ average earnings and is expressed as a percentage of white employees’ pay.

“At Jacobs, we understand that “inclusion” is a verb, not a noun. It means being transparent and taking action on our statements, commitments and initiatives that drive meaningful, measurable change both in our company and in the communities that we serve. It means creating a workplace where our differences are accepted, celebrated and harnessed to bring the innovative, extraordinary solutions clients demand from us. It means creating a culture of belonging where everyone can thrive — a culture that we call TogetherBeyond℠.”

Shelie Gustafson

Shelie Gustafson

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Jacobs

We understand that bold, accountable leadership is a key driver for inclusion, and we have seen great success through our operationalization of TogetherBeyond and amplification of inclusive behaviors at all levels of our company. Our inaugural 2021-2022 Europe TogetherBeyond Report sets out our approach to meeting our inclusion goals by building and nurturing an industry-leading culture where people of all levels, backgrounds and perspectives can achieve their career aspirations  and feel like they belong. 

With this in mind, I am pleased to present a 2021 Gender Pay Gap Report which – for the fourth consecutive year – shows that our average pay gap is continuing to shrink. The gap now stands at 19.6%, a reflection of our increased focus on promoting female talent and advancing conversations around gender equality and pay equity across our company.   

This year we are also voluntarily publishing our second Ethnicity Pay Gap Report, indicating a reduction in our pay gap to 9.4%. This is a direct result of our Global Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality, launched in 2020, which sets out actionable initiatives and measurable objectives to ensure equality both within Jacobs and in communities across the world. To date, we have invested over $3,000,000 in targeted sponsorships, charitable donations and Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics outreach aimed at supporting historically under-represented communities, bringing a new generation of talent into the industries that we serve, and developing our existing diverse talent into leadership positions. I am particularly excited about the partnership we’ve developed with the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation, a program that will bring over 100 economically disadvantaged and fully deserving, Black British students through U.K. universities in the next decade.  

We continue to amplify inclusive behaviors and improve diversity at all levels of Jacobs, from our Board of Directors which is now 55% diverse, our Executive Leadership Team which stands at just over 67% diverse, to the  27,000+ members of our eight grassroots Jacobs Employee Networks.    

While these continued improvements are promising, in 2022 and beyond we intend to ramp up initiatives like our Global Action Plan for Advancing Justice and Equality and aspirational goal of achieving 40:40:20 (40% male, 40% female and 20% of any gender) balance across our global operation, whilst leveraging the results from our annual Culture Survey, to further amplify inclusion and diversity within Jacobs. We are also working diligently to grow our data and analytics capabilities to learn more about how our people feel, identify and connect, which in turn will in turn help identify trends, patterns, and causes of lower representation of women and Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic people across our business.  

In summary – our progress is encouraging, and as we continue to further operationalize our TogetherBeyond culture we expect 2022 to be a year where we continue to propel a new generation of diverse visionary thinkers through the ranks of our incredible company.  


Shelie Gustafson

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Jacobs

Jacobs Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2021

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