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2019 Integrated Annual Report
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We challenge the accepted

We know that to create a better future, we must ask the difficult questions. We always stay curious and are not afraid to try new things.


What we do is more than a job; we work every day to make the world better for all. To us, everything we do — whether combatting water scarcity, addressing aging infrastructure, providing access to life-saving therapies or thwarting sophisticated cyberattacks — is more than projects outlined in proposals and business plans. They’re our challenges as human beings, too.

We are willing and capable of disrupting the status quo — setting the standards of how we live over and over. Whether with our clients or in our own business, we tackle what matters most, so the future is better for each of us.

Transforming our innovation culture

In the past year, we established five innovation hubs — geospatial science, cybersecurity, automated design, Internet of Things (IoT — including 5G and edge computing) and predictive data analytics (including artificial intelligence and machine learning) to fuel more complete, higher-value solutions to address today’s most-pressing issues and the bigger challenges of tomorrow.

In 2019, our employees submitted more than 190 innovative ideas to improve our own workflows and processes and nominated more than 50 initiatives and projects for the inaugural Innovation Solution of the Year award. Additionally, we launched our What If campaign, featuring more than 40 connected, sustainable solutions powering a better tomorrow.

But, we are not stopping there. In the coming year, we’ll continue engaging in emerging technologies like blockchain, additive construction and quantum computing, so that when those technologies mature, Jacobs is positioned to apply them to our projects to redefine what’s possible.

As we continue to evolve into the company like no other, solving our clients’ most difficult challenges, we are strengthening our innovation culture. Innovation doesn’t happen by corporate mandate, it happens when people at every level have the courage and feel empowered to reframe the problem, challenge the status quo and try something new.

Heather Wishart-Smith
Jacobs Senior Vice President, Technology and Innovation

11 awards from the Environmental and Climate Change Business Journal in 2018, celebrating solutions with our clients.

№ 1 on Engineering News-Record’s Top 500 Design Firms List; and top spots in 19 ENR market sectors, including aerospace, manufacturing, airports, health care, government offices, ports & maritime and wastewater treatment plants — just to name a few.

№ 3 in innovation as recognized by Fortune’s list of World’s Most Admired Companies.

Group meetingWith Replica™, Jacobs’ Digital Twin Solutions Software, we are developing realistic simulations of facility behavior and assessing “what if” scenarios in the digital domain to solve some of the most perplexing challenges across markets — enhancing system understanding and achieving improved system design, optimized operations performance and reduced capital and operating costs.

We are applying Replica for a variety of projects and clients, including to minimize energy and chemical usage, to develop alternative control strategies against wet weather events and to create digital twins of infrastructure around the world.

In our key focus areas, we combine our deep domain knowledge with the latest advances in technology to deliver solutions for our customers’ most complex challenges.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Rapidly evolving, complex facilities require fast-paced, innovative solutions. Bringing an inspired blend of collaborative, creative excellence we deliver innovation — at any budget — from electronics to pharmaceuticals, to universities and governments around the world.

Mission Critical Outcomes

Mission Critical Outcomes

For the first time in history, security and defense threats have no borders. From testing and training to intelligence and engineering and analytics, we work with defense, intelligence and law enforcement communities around the globe to ensure people, their information and our most critical networks stay protected.

Operational Advancement

Operational Advancement

It is one thing to dream up new solutions. At Jacobs, we also deliver them. To turn abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good, it takes foresight into what’s possible, courage to create solutions for the unknown and the knowledge and skills to make them real.

Resilient Environments

Resilient Environments

Environmental stewardship and climate change are the defining issues of our time. We tackle these challenges differently because we know that whatever we face, we have greater opportunities today to emerge stronger tomorrow.

Scientific Discovery

Scientific Discovery

We solve some of the most complex challenges of exploration — both in space and closer to home. From wind tunnels to launch and from research to results, we invent by imagining what’s possible.

Thriving Cities

Thriving Cities

Prosperous communities. Healthy cities. A brighter future. By working together to build a better future for everyone, we envision and deliver cities that are smarter and more connected. Inclusive and competitive. Safe and resourceful.