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2020 Integrated Annual Report
Financial Highlights  •  Chair & CEO's Message  •  Our COVID-19 response •  We do things right • We challenge the accepted • We aim higher  •  We live inclusion  •  Leadership  •  BeyondExcellence Awards  •  Forward-looking statements

We challenge the accepted


We push beyond our boundaries and innovate to deliver for today and into tomorrow. We don’t just ask ‘What If?’ or ‘How Might We?’, we act to turn ideas into reality and drive value through innovation.


Setting the foundation for innovation

  • 35K+ podcast downloads to date; according to benchmarks established by podcast industry leader Libsyn, Jacobs’ two series consistently ranks in the top 30% of podcast downloads.
  • 117 Beyond If ℠ Innovation Award submissions.
  • 75 Innovation as a Service facilitators trained to date.
  • 38 innovation projects funded through the Beyond If ℠ Emerging Ideas Program in FY20.


For us, innovation means creating and delivering value — whether it’s new or different ideas, ways of working, services or solutions.

Launched in 2019, Beyond If℠ showcases the best of who we are as innovators, creators and problem solvers. In the past year, we continued pushing our innovative mindset.

Through our Innovation as a Service series of workshops, we trained a cadre of innovators equipped to deliver in-person and virtual sessions, for and with our clients, to facilitate ideation and concept development. Using design thinking, lean start up and business model innovation, Jacobs’ Innovation as a Service workshops — named a winner of Innovation Leader’s 2020 Best New Initiative Impact Award — turn ideas into marketable, revenuegenerating solutions.

We focused on leading insights and activating new communication tactics. We launched two Jacobs podcasts series, If/When and Inflection Points, and virtual engagement platforms like our Trends & Directions videocasts and In the kNOW webinar series. Discover other ways Jacobs is transforming intangible ideas into intelligent solutions for a more connected, sustainable world on

I am honored to be part of a global team helping facilitate innovation that delivers value for our clients and shareholders. It has been a privilege to be involved in the education, partnering and delivery of such tangible and impactful innovative change in 2020.

Stephen Taylor
Jacobs Operations Management Director and Innovation Leader’s 2020 Most Valuable Player Impact Award Recipient

Turning ideas into reality

  • Leveraging digitalization capabilities from both sides of our business, our next-generation operation technology platform ion® delivers contact tracing technology and aids customers to safely return to work in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more →
  • The U.S. Air Force took our KeyRadar® solution to new heights, unlocking unique intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in its agile-pod test. Read more →
  • Partnering with ehsAI, a next wave technology company, we’re integrating innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into our environmental health and safety offering to greatly reduce compliance costs and risk for our industrial, commercial and government sector clients. Read more →
  • We’ve developed a new proprietary cloud-based platform that enables effective asset management of airfields. After a successful trial period with airports around the world, Pavy℠ is being launched to reinvent the way airports manage airfield pavements. Read more →
  • Repairing the International Space Station’s cosmic particle detector, we helped further unravel the mysteries of space and continue the hunt for antimatter and dark matter. Read more →
  • Working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, we built a new calibration device for the Mars Perseverance Rover. Launched in late July, the rover will use analytical science to seek signs of past microbial life and collect rock and soil samples from the red planet. Read more →
  • With our Evolve℠ tool, digital technology, the UN Sustainability Goals and a database of over 700 sustainability commitments and indicators combine to help projects of all sizes, at every step of the project lifecycle, identify, implement and track metrics to build a better, more sustainable tomorrow.
  • Tapping into modeling, analytical and evaluation tools, we’re helping Transport for London plan for the city’s sustainable future and deal with current behavioral, technological and economic uncertainty stemming from the pandemic. Read more →
  • Using SCREAM, our sewer condition risk-enhanced assessment model, we’re applying artificial intelligence and data from more than 30,000 pipes to help 13 utility clients predict the best time to rehabilitate or upgrade their critical infrastructure.
  • Working with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, we explored how new transportation technologies, like autonomous vehicles, could improve job accessibility and deliver other social value enhancements for the visually impaired — driving inclusive mobility closer for all.
  • Despite being a land-scarce, highdensity city, Singapore is scaling up its solar capacity with floating solar photovoltaic systems — which we’ve helped design and install — to harness enough clean energy from the sun to satisfy 30% of the energy required to power three adjacent waterworks.
  • In a $2.1 million three-year international innovation competition, Jacobs led a consortium that delivered the winning project to solve large and ongoing liability challenges associated with legacy nuclear facilities in the U.K.
  • The project team demonstrated how new technologies could lower the decommissioning costs by as much as 20%. The project has secured direct funding from Sellafield Ltd. to develop these ideas into a full-scale active demonstration on the Sellafield site in the U.K.

Listen up: Two new Jacobs podcast series now launched

In April, we launched two podcast series: If/When and Inflection Points — pivoting our thought leadership strategy to deliver onthe-go content from Jacobs’ world-class experts on topics from digital twins and the future of cities to data privacy and lessons learned from the pandemic. The podcasts are available through your favorite podcast channels, including Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more. Tune in at:

Organizational Innovation:

"Organizational Innovation: Crisis, Culture, Commitment and Change”

The Carlyle Group Operating Executive and Member of the Jacobs Board of Directors Georgette Kiser and Jacobs’ Heather Wishart-Smith

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Responding to Potential

"Responding to Potential Cyber Attacks with Advanced Techniques"

Jacobs’ Eric Conway and John Karabias

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Innovation as a Service

"Innovation as a Service: Incubating and Scaling

Board of Innovation’s Matt Stewart and Jacobs’ Kate Willison

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