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2020 Integrated Annual Report
Financial Highlights  •  Chair & CEO's Message  •  Our COVID-19 response •  We do things right • We challenge the accepted • We aim higher  •  We live inclusion  •  Leadership  •  BeyondExcellence Awards  •  Forward-looking statements

Celebrating the 2020 BeyondExcellence Awards


Our BeyondExcellence Awards celebrate those who raise the bar and deliver the extraordinary with excellence. Leaders who care, collaborate and push beyond, solving for today and creating a brighter future.

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This year, we recognized 21 teams and individuals who went above and beyond in safety, ethics, sales, inclusion, innovation and integrated solutions delivery. To build on the positive impact our people make every day, each winner chose a non-profit organization to receive a donation in their name. Together, we donated more than $100,000 to worthy causes around the world. More on these winning stories will be shared in our full digital edition and our newsroom in 2021.

We do things right

Chair and CEO Safety Leadership of the Year Award
Recognizes those who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to our BeyondZero® Culture of Caring.℠

  • The City of the Dalles
    The Dalles Wastewater Treatment Plant, United States of America
  • AstraZeneca
    Project Atlas, West Chester, United States of America
  • Tom Trudel
    United States of America
  • Meshika Brown, Larry Koenenn, Stephen Helton, Georges Jamous, Dave Stukey
    United States of America
  • Amanda Lam
  • Abigail Hobbs
    United States of America

Sustainable Solution of the Year Award
Celebrates those who have created solutions that deliver a better, more sustainable future for us all.

Noel Watson Ethical Leadership of the Year Award
Honors those who lead us through difficult situations by encouraging and promoting ethical conduct and integrity.

  • Matthew Radek
    United States of America

We aim higher

Joseph J. Jacobs Reinventing Excellence Award
Recognizes teams that do not settle — continuously improving and innovating in everything they do. They always look beyond to deliver with exceptional excellence.

  • NASA
    Space Launch System (SLS) Integrated Avionics Test Facilities (IATF)
    United States of America
  • Confidential client
    Master Environmental Services Agreement (MESA)
  • Umetco
    Hot Springs Former Wilson Mine Reclamation Program
    United States of America
  • Submarine Delivery Agency Facilities Group
    United Kingdom
  • Aquila Air Traffic Management Services
    Project Marshall
    United Kingdom

We challenge the accepted

Beyond If Innovation Award
Recognizes those who always rethink the way we solve problems and challenge what is accepted to shape better solutions.

  • Integrated Innovation for Nuclear Decommissioning

Beyond If Innovation @Scale Award
Recognizing innovative solutions that have the most potential to scale.

  • Project Information Management System

Sales Leadership of the Year Award
Celebrates exceptional sales teams who create new projects by listening to the needs of clients and building approaches that ensure success.

  • North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Cheyenne Mountain Complex (NCMC)
    Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment and Space Support Contract II (NISCC II)
    United States of America
  • Tyndall Air Force Base
    ‘From Hurricane Recovery to Installation of the Future’
    United States of America

Global Integrated Delivery: Outstanding Individual Contribution of the Year Award
Recognizes individuals who made a notable contribution in supporting the Global Integrated Delivery (GID) strategy and/or securing significant project and client value through GID.

  • Paul Anand
  • Stephanie Pershing
    United States of America

Global Integrated Delivery: Outstanding Project of the Year Award
Recognizes great projects that demonstrate outstanding performance and value through GID.

  • Major Transport Infrastructure Authority
    West Gate Tunnel Project

We live inclusion

TogetherBeyond Inclusive Leader of the Year Award
Honors individuals who demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to living inclusion every day and enable a culture of belonging in which we are all able to thrive.

  • Sabrina Becker
    United States of America

Special Recognition Awards

This year, we have awarded 12 special awards to recognize the extraordinary efforts of individuals and teams that have truly gone beyond during our COVID-19 response efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people. Even during these unpredictable times and the COVID-19 response, these recipients responded swiftly, tirelessly and efficiently to ensure that proper protocols around safety measures, supplies were in place and the wellbeing of our people.


  • Crisis Support Team (Tiger Team)
  • Andrew McConachy

Bright Spots

Highly Commended COVID-19