Digital wastewater solutions

Get visibility into your wastewater network, avoid incidents and make your assets go further.

Aqua DNA technology mines your existing sensors and analytics, providing one-screen view of your wastewater network. We identify threats that lead to incidents before they happen — and alert your team to take action where it matters most.

Impact you can expect from working with Jacobs.

United Utilities uses Jacobs' Digital Wastewater technology at scale, with our Artificial Intelligence platform delivering a step change in wastewater performance.


reduction in
external flooding


reduction in
sewer flooding


reduction in
pollution events


reduction in

No new sensors. Aqua DNA plugs into your existing assets.

Your network already provides a sea of signals. Our AI prioritizes the right signals to boost wastewater performance.

We extract the right signals from your existing systems.

Aqua DNA isn't about new sensors. Our dynamic models predict behavior from systems you already have.

Prioritized alerts. Because not every event matters.

Tuned to your parameters, our AI monitors your network in real-time to predict which events deserve an alert.

Your wastewater network on a single screen.

We integrate data into a single platform, directing your staff to the right issues — and letting you monitor the impact.


Aqua DNA is your "eyes on the system," quickly extracting value from existing analytics.

You've invested in sensors, SCADA, and 3rd party analytics that generate a sea of signals. Aqua DNA integrates them, analyzes their interactions, and delivers essential daily performance insights — in one visualization platform.

We have proven that our "centralized intelligence" cuts response time and eliminates threats before they become major issues.

Aqua DNA extracts the information you actually need, and provides you with immediate protection against critical incidents.

Our continuous learning engine prioritizes daily alerts and boosts systems efficiency.

Aqua DNA is built to ingest risk targets across the system and for individual assets. Once you provide your business rules, our analytics do the work, handling 1000's of daily inputs to identify a subset of alerts that deserve attention.

We apply statistical modeling, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence to identify patterns specific to your system, diagnose upstream and downstream issues impacting service levels, and suggest mitigation tactics — all in real-time.

Your operators receive recommended actions — with sufficient contextual information to decide which event to mitigate.


Better information in the hands of your teams. Better service levels for your customers.

Think of Aqua DNA as the ultimate producitivity tool, centralizing intelligence regardless of operator experience level, and delivering the right information to the right teams.

Front-line staff receives alerts tuned to their workflows, with sufficient contextual data to decide which events to mitigate. Owner operator observes key performance trends mapped across the network, and decides where to deploy resources.

The result is fewer incidents, better utilized teams, and longer asset life.

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