Tap new technologies to make your sewer network smarter

What if you could get immediate visibility into your wastewater network, and react faster to solve incidents harmful to your customers?

In this webinar, experts from Jacobs and Palantir provide a primer on Artificial Intelligence, survey its applications in wastewater operations, and share tips for making AI work in the field.

Watch now to discover how operators are tapping Aqua DNA today to:

  • Improve performance of their wastewater system
  • Increase responsiveness to events
  • Boost effectiveness of maintenance crews

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“Maintenance crews don’t have to spend their days driving around anymore. Aqua DNA has enabled operators to consistently assess asset performance, identify operational patterns leading to incidents, and deliver better asset reliability.“

Jennifer Baldwin

Digital OneWater Strategic Growth Lead

Jennifer Baldwin


Strategic Growth Lead

As Jacobs’ Digital OneWater Strategic Growth Lead, Jennifer Baldwin is responsible for looking at the array of digital tools available to our water sector clients and bringing them under a OneWater umbrella.

Greg Kennedy


VP, Data Solutions Product Suite - Water Platform

As the Vice President of the Jacobs Data Solutions Product Suite – Water Platform, Gregg Kennedy is a key part of our team driving strategic, transformational growth across data and cyber solutions . His agile career and global experience have empowered him with the skillset and approaches needed to drive Jacobs forward.

Jack Dobson


Deployment Strategist

As a Senior Deployment Strategist, Jack is responsible for capturing and overseeing multiple accounts for Palantir Technologies, working across Energy, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Supply Chain.