How to Improve Wastewater Network Outcomes: A Guide to Deploying Systems Thinking Approaches.

Faced with a growing population, aging infrastructure and climate challenges, United Utilities, took on a major overhaul. Managing a vast network of 78,000 km of sewers and 3,000 pumping stations for 7.3 million customers, their goal was to predict and address issues proactively and avoid negative impacts on customers and the environment.

See how United Utilities worked with Aqua DNA to:

  • Proactively address 1,600 operational issues
  • Reduce sewer flooding, internal sewer flooding, sewer collapses, and blockages
  • Save time and money, while minimizing environmental and customer impact

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“Working with Jacobs, we are the first in the world to be implementing this technology at this scale and with artificial intelligence being applied for full network system learning, we believe the work we’re doing is truly transformational and will deliver a step change in wastewater performance.”

Steve Mogford

Chief Executive - United Utilities