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We track and report on water consumption for facilities that CH2M owns or operates on behalf of clients. Our ability to monitor and report our own water use depends on office location. In most of our leased space, we do not directly pay water bills or manage facilities, so it is difficult to track consumption, implement conservation measures or quantify results of conservation efforts. We do, however, directly measure water use when we can, such as at our corporate headquarters where we operate our facilities and receive invoices.

Corporate headquarters

Water use at world headquartersCH2M uses both potable and reclaimed water at our corporate headquarters. Potable water is used for drinking, washing and building cooling. We reuse reclaimed water for landscaping and irrigation to reduce demand on surface water and groundwater supplies and decrease costs. We also purchase water- and energy-saving appliances for our kitchen areas. Consistent with our commitment toward safe and healthy municipal water systems, we do not offer bottled water in vending machines at our corporate headquarters. We have been documenting water use on our campus since 2008, and total water consumption has remained steady over the last 3 years.

Water use in Europe

Potable water in EuropeOur objective is to reduce water consumption and monitor both actual absolute reductions and the ratio of water per employee. Our overall goal is to reduce and maintain water consumption per employee to less than 6.4 cubic meters per year.

We review water consumption at our offices in the UK and mainland Europe and wherever possible, record the data. In 2015 we achieved a water consumption figure below the good practice benchmark of 6.4 cubic meters per person per year, and we have seen a 10 percent reduction since 2012. However, a number of factors resulted in increased water consumption in 2016. We will continue to monitor and where possible, reduce our water consumption in 2017.

2017 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report