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Sustainability is an expression of good corporate citizenship

People iconCorporate citizenship is a business approach that supports affecting the environment, society and the economy in a positive way.

Growth iconSustainability is meeting the needs of the present while creating a healthy and vibrant economy, society and environment for future generations.

Gear iconWhat we do is solve the world’s complex infrastructure challenges while promoting responsible natural resource use, economic growth and social inclusion.

CH2M’s purpose is rooted in sustainability and exemplified by leadership as a corporate citizen. We pave the way for human progress, delivering better social, environmental and economic outcomes.

That purpose extends from the way we operate within the firm to the triple-bottom-line solutions we deliver for clients. Our Sustainability Policy governs our decisions and actions to deliver sustainable results for our stakeholders, aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, while our corporate governance enables us to achieve our goals.

CH2M Chairman and CEO Jacqueline Hinman and our board of directors provide governance oversight for the company, including sustainable performance and responsible citizenship, supported by diverse business functions that contribute to decision-making, programs and services to advance these aims.

Our board’s Governance and Corporate Citizenship Committee ensures focused engagement in setting goals, monitoring performance and reporting results toward the firm’s sustainability and corporate citizenship goals.

We partner with nonprofit organizations, clients and stakeholders around the world to achieve these goals in our client work and citizenship initiatives. Backed by CH2M Foundation grants, corporate giving, client partnerships, employee contributions and volunteerism, our community investment programs focus on two overarching objectives:

  • Advancing sustainable development of communities
  • Supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education for students and teachers

The client-centric business model we established in 2016 serves clients holistically from pursuit to delivery and everything in between. Our model contains three global client sectors: national governments; state and local governments; and the private sector. We work with clients to deliver the better future they envision for their communities, constituents and commercial interests and achieve triple bottom-line performance improvements.

2017 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report