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Most of our offices have formal recycling programs for paper, plastic, aluminum and glass. In Denver we compost at our campus café and we recycle pens, plastic bags and comingled paper, aluminum, technology, batteries and light bulbs and ballasts. In addition to recycling paper, we securely shred and recycle paper with a shredding vendor. We recycle and reuse as much furniture and material from renovations as possible through donations to Habitat for Humanity, local schools and recycling companies.

Each office handles its own packaging and shipping, and if clients request it, we arrange packaging and shipping supplies made from recycled material. We also are working with our office supplies vendor to request that they stock sustainable packing material. Many offices do not need to purchase shipping materials because they reuse what comes in from other shipments. Our reused materials include large and small bubble wrap, brown paper, crumpled paper and cornstarch-based popcorn, which also is water soluble. We also reuse laptop boxes that already have the custom foam supports.


In Europe, offices set their own waste reduction and recycling targets. At our larger UK offices, we work with waste contractors to install containers that allow greater segregation and recycling of waste, including plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, batteries and newspapers. Many UK offices do not have trash bins at each desk and, instead, have waste and recycling hubs at strategic locations. We also have a program to promote recovery and recycling of toner cartridges. Waste paper is segregated and recycled wherever possible. We also segregate, and securely handle and dispose of, confidential waste in accordance with applicable security standards.

Latin American offices have waste diversion programs for electronic devices, plastic, paper, glass and printer toners. Offices in MENAI actively recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass and electronic waste.

Our electronic waste program, begun in the United States in 2007, has matured to firmwide application. We recycle large electronics such as servers, desktops and laptops, as well as telephony and networking equipment. Offices in the United States also recycle smaller electronics such as compact discs, cords and mobile phones. We reuse and responsibly recycle, avoiding the landfill, incineration and shipping waste to developing countries. We reduce our risk by removing identifying asset tags and securely erasing data, and we ensure visibility into the chain of custody by working with global vendors who provide end-to-end auditing and reporting. Currently, 100 percent of offices in the United States and Canada and 90 percent outside of North America recycle electronics.

2017 Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship Report